SCCM Configmgr SSRS Report Get list of missing updates for PC from specific Software update group

Few months ago,I posted blog on How to get list of missing/Required software updates for specific computer which helps to identify if a PC is 100% complaint or not for list of available patches(metadata) from SCCM,but that report gives you overall missing patches from SCCM DB irrespective of whether they are part of any software update groups or not.

Since the previous report do not have any limitation to apply on specific software update group,lot of guys commented on the blog post to have filter with software update group so that,they can apply the PC to specific software update group to know the compliance level.

This report is all about that ,to get the list of missing/Required software updates for particular PC from specific Software update group.


Report looks like this:


Download the RDL report from TechNet Gallery here, upload to your Configmgr SSRS Reports,change the data source and run it.

Note: I have tested this report both in Configmgr 2012 R2 SP1 and Configmgr V1511 ,it works fine.

5 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr SSRS Report Get list of missing updates for PC from specific Software update group"

  1. Hi Eswar
    I have used this report and a like it wery much 🙂
    But now a have discovered that the dedaline is not correct or displayed from another deployment
    For example KB4132216 are in 4 different deployment whit different dedlines.
    So if a run the report "List Missing patches for Specific client for specific UG" and choose UG
    "All OS Critical and Security Manual Deployments 2018-08-14 22:45:09" and a collection whit manual handeled servers
    "SUM SRV - Windows Security & Critical Updates Manual Deployment"
    and a choos a server Software Updates Missing on xxxxserver.
    KB4134416 will display Aug14 10:32 as deadline but the deadline for the KB4132216 in SUG is 2018-09-22
    Deadline is wery important for us, I want to be abel to send this report to different stakehoders that have servers
    in manuall mode patching and warn them that patching is going to happen at this deadline.
    Is this some thing you can correct in this report?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback. Deadline is something that is not very accurate i believe ,i need to look at it further more or delete the deadline for now . Because if the update is part of SU group and is deployed multiple times to a collection then it wont show correct details. For now ,please ignore the deadline .I am running short of time due to office 365 project timelines ,may take time to look at it and update the reports.


  2. Hi Eswar,

    When you drill down to the last linked report, it´s no filtering for the SUG select before, it display all missing patches for the selected server. Did I missed something or it's the expected behaviour? I'm on SCCM 1706.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I haven't looked the code in file but if you see this behavior happening for all the clients then i think you are right. The last report might be pulling the information about all info what is missing in the client irrespective of the software update group that you have filtered.



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