SCCM Configmgr 2012 SSRS Report Overall Compliance Per Update Group Per Collection will help to troubleshoot the clients

Over the past few weeks,I posted several patch Compliance reports because ,the default report do not meet the requirements what I need thus ,created custom reports that would help the team to analyze the patch Statistics and troubleshooting non compliant machines.

Software update compliance report month Wise:

Software update Compliance report month Wise for Specific Collection:

Software update compliance report Per Update Group Per OU:

Software Update Scan Results:

Recently ,while running the Default patch compliance report Compliance 1 - Overall compliance from category called Software Updates - A Compliance ,it gives me the count of clients with  Compliant ,Non-compliant ,Compliance state unknown for selected  Software update group and collection . This report looks good with overall compliance but the linked report for non-compliant and  Compliance state unknown do not give much information to start or analyze before you take any action.

It provides the basic information about the client like  computer name,last logged on user,assigned site and client version ,but this information do not really help you  to start troubleshooting why it is non-complaint .

I feel that, It would be good to have some additional information like last logged on time,OS,last hardware inventory,last software update scan ,client is Yes or No and other important information.

Overall Compliance (Default report):                                            Linked report for Non-Complaint(Default Report):

image                        image

Having this additional information about client in linked reports will help the team to analyze whether SCCM client is having problem or issue with SUP component or offline line since long time ?

I tried modifying the default report but I find some difficulties with functions and other stuff used in the report.

So ,I thought of creating a new report with my requirement and Yes,this report runs faster than the Default report.

Overall Compliance (Custom report):


The blue color indicates the Linked report to get list of clients with specific status.

Linked report : list clients with specific Status (Custom Report):


Download the RDL files from TechNet Gallary ,uploaded to your SSRS Folder (both reports should be in same folder) ,change the Data Source ,run the report.


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