SCCM Configmgr 2012 Patch Report – OU based Compliance status per Update Group

Question asked in the forum ,if it is possible to get patch compliance /deployment status report (installed,required,not applicable and unknown) based on OU for specific software update group instead of collection.

Long ago,I posted patch compliance report for specific collection month wise but it gives you overall compliance for each month for past 12 months.

If you are having multiple OU's and if you have asked to get the patch compliance status based on the OU Wise per Update Group ,how would you get ? The default report doesn't deal with such a requirement and you are required to create custom report.

It took few hours for me to identify the right views from excel spread sheet that store the information about software update group and its compliance results.

For this requirement (report based on OU ), I need to know the view for software update group and its compliance status info.

Software update group info stored in v_AuthListInfo and compliance results stored in v_Update_ComplianceStatusAll

I created 2 nice SSRS reports 1) count computers with success,not success status and 2) linked report to drill down to see the computer names ,its recent HW Scan,Software Scan etc.

Download the 2 SSRS Reports from TechNet Gallery ,upload to your SSRS Folder ,change the Data source and run the report.




You need to look at the unknown status clients since they did not report anything about the software update scan ,could be that software update component not functioning correctly or for different reasons.

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    1. Hi Joseph,
      No, not at the moment but will be added to TO-DO list .when time permits ,i will take a look at them.



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