SCCM Configmgr Report for Software Update Compliance

I was searching for something to find the software update complaince to see if machines requires something to patch .as i couldnt find any such report from default reports ,so created one like below and gives me the compelet complaicne of software updates.

SQL Statement

select distinct
   ui.BulletinID as BulletinID,
   ui.ArticleID as ArticleID,
   ui.Title as Title
from v_UpdateComplianceStatus css
join v_UpdateInfo ui on ui.CI_ID=css.CI_ID
join v_R_System sys on css.ResourceID=sys.ResourceID
join v_ClientCollectionMembers ccm on ccm.ResourceID=sys.ResourceID
where  css.Status=2 and
order by sys.Name0, ui.ArticleID


Name: CollID
Prompt text: Collection ID
Provide a SQL statement:
 if (@__filterwildcard = ”)
  select CollectionID as CollectionID, Name as CollectionName from v_Collection order by Name
  select CollectionID as CollectionID, Name as CollectionName from v_Collection
  WHERE CollectionID like @__filterwildcard or Name like @__filterwildcard
  order by Name

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  1. Hi Eswar,

    States 1 - Enforcement states for a deployment is sent to one of my customers through email (Report Subscription). But when he clicks on the Deployment Name hyperlink, it doesnot show any servers. Customer is only getting the default report. But on the server, we can get list of machines. Since the customer is out of client network, the link does not open. Please help me to modify this report to show the machine names as well.


    1. Cannot get the installed date as sccm do not collect this information. But you can try to check if the installed date information available in wmi if so, add new inventory aka mof changes m


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