SCCM report MSI apps Targeted to Computer*

Long Ago have posted sccm report about all advertisements that are currently assigned to specific computer

this post gives you the advertisements targeted to specific Computer which are only MSI based.

Create simple report with below SQL Query

SELECT distinct adv.AdvertisementName,adv.AdvertisementID,pkg.PackageID,advinfo.PackageName,adv.ProgramName from v_Advertisement adv
    inner join v_FullCollectionMembership FCM ON FCM.CollectionID=adv.CollectionID
    Inner join v_CurrentAdvertisementAssignments CADV ON CADV.AdvertisementID=adv.AdvertisementID
    inner join v_Package pkg ON pkg.PackageID=adv.PackageID
  inner join v_AdvertisementInfo advinfo ON advinfo.AdvertisementID=adv.AdvertisementID
    where FCM.Name=@computer and adv.ProgramName !='[Virtual application]' and adv.ProgramName !='*'

Prompt for Computer name :

Select name from V_R_System

Note:The above report is not limited to script based packages means they are also shown in report except App-V applications and Task sequence based.

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