SCCM Report to list Computers with IP address with their Subnets from Given Collection


Below is the report to list computers with IP address and Subnet information from Given collection.

select distinct A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0 from v_R_System A inner join
v_FullCollectionMembership B on A.ResourceID=B.ResourceID
Inner join v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR  C ON A.ResourceID=C.ResourceID
Inner Join v_RA_System_IPSubnets D ON A.ResourceID=D.ResourceID
where CollectionID=@COLLID and C.IPEnabled0='1'
group by A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0
order by A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0

Prompt for Collection :

Select CollectionID,Name from v_Collection

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