SCCM Configmgr delete retired orphaned distribution points

I has an issue with the distribution or removal packages from retired / orphaned DP where the packages are distributed to DP but the distribution point are really not on the network (retired ).Because of this, I see the red alerts on the system status with below error.

Possible cause: The distribution point might not be accessible to SMS Distribution Manager running on the site server. Solution: If users are currently accessing the package files on the distribution point, disconnect the users first.

you can see the below information from your site system status error messages.

Package ID : IND0011B

Distribution Point : ["Display=\\IND001\smspkgc$\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=C01"]\\IND001\smspkgc$\

How to check what servers are retired with specific package ? and check what packages targeted to specific retired DP ?

Run the below SQL query on your SQL management studio:

1.Select * from pkgservers where NALpath =path of NALpath
2.Select * from pkgstatus where pkgserver =Path of Pkgserv

Path should be replaced by this ,in this case = ["Display=\\IND001\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=C01"]\\IND001\

If you find any entries related with above quires then use the below syntax to delete them from Database.

1. Delete from pkgservers where NALpath=path of NALpath
2. Delete from pkgstatus where pkgserver =Path of Pkgserv

This will remove the pending packages from the retied DP and allows the package refresh to occur as expected. Then try restart the SMS Distribution Manager component and monitor the distmgr.log for errors.

If you are smart,you can identify the Bad Distribution points in your environment and take necessary actions before it triggers errors in component status node with the following query report easily:

Here is the report which will shows you all the Bad distribution Points in your SMS/SCCM environment

SELECT a.InstallStatus, a.LastCopied, a.PackageID,  a.ServerNALPath,
a.SiteCode,a.SourceNALPath, a.SourceVersion, a.State, a.SummaryDate
v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm a


 SELECT NALPath AS 'ServerNALPath '
from v_SystemResourceList ))

You can also follow the this solution to remove retired DP from all the packages.

3 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr delete retired orphaned distribution points"

  1. Hi Eswar,

    Is it queries to be run in Configuration Manager Console under Query? When I try to check: Select * from pkgservers with and without the full link. It said that The configMgr provider reported an error. How can I delete the package manually? I got Removal Pending problem. Thank you in advance.

    1. You would require to exexcute the query in SQL server management studio with correct NAL path else it will go worse.
      Test it before trying in lab and if you are experincec with SQL,should be okay.


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