SCCM Configmgr 2012 SSRS Patch Compliance Report Per Collection Per Update Group

In order to check the Patch compliance/Deployment status,there are some default reports ,one of the widely used report to know the compliance status for specific Update group on specific collection is –>Compliance 1-Overall Compliance.

But the sub report /drill down/Linked report to view the list of non complaint computers do not provide you the required information for troubleshooting clients like its last hardware inventory, os, last logged on user, last loggedon timestamp etc.For this reason,I created custom SSRS Report that will help me to get some nice statistics and extra client information .

Last month I did post about Software update Patch Compliance report Per OU Per Update Group to get the patch compliance status based on OU.

This time ,I would like to share another Software Update Compliance report per Collection Per Update Group with linked report to list non-compliant computers.

Here is the first report to know compliance % per collection.


Drill down report to list the non-Compliant computers (Required/UnKnown):



Download the RDL Files available from TechNet Gallary ,upload to your SSRS Reports,change the Data source .

Happy troubleshooting .

7 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr 2012 SSRS Patch Compliance Report Per Collection Per Update Group"

  1. Hi Eswar,

    I don't see any report for installed machines. If you click on 2nd report you were trying to get only required and unknown machines and i tried to modify the report but unable to list the installed machines.

    select stateID, "statename"=
    case when stateID='0' then 'Unknown'
    when stateid='2' then 'Required' end
    From v_StateNames
    where stateid in (0,2) and TopicType=300
    group by stateID,statename

    1. Hi Syed,
      The main purpose of the report is to focus on non-compliant and unknown status that is the reason i didnt look at compliant machines as there is no action required on installed or compliant machines.
      if you need to know the list of installed machines ,edit the existing RDL file (2) ,modify the SQL /reporting properties.


  2. Hi Eswar,

    These reports are great. I have multiple software update groups which automatically create every month for say office, win 10, win 7 etc. Do you know a way to subscribe to the reports but always select downloaded software update group. Mine changes every month you see and I'm struggling to automate the report.

    1. Hi James,
      IF you have standard format for these multiple software update group ,then YES ,i THINK you can some sort of variable's in the report to subscribe and send report for that or use the modified or creation date for these multiple software updates to send report .I have not tried it though but just giving you some hints to take it further.


  3. hi Eswar,

    We are having altogether 3000 servers among these 2000 get automatically patched .
    can you please suggest me how to run a report to get the correct status of all these servers because it is not possible to check the individual servers all the time.

    so can you plz guide me on this


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