Configuration Manager report for a list of clients missing boundaries

I did a few blog posts on the client's boundary and boundary groups for configuration manager build versions lower than 2002. In one of the blog posts, I talked about, how to identify the clients that are missing boundaries/boundary groups. For more information, please refer

In all these blog posts, you would need to extend the MOF inventory (client settings, hardware inventory) for getting the client boundary group details.

With the release of the configuration manager current branch 2002, you no longer required to extend the MOF. Boundary group information is now available to help you troubleshoot the devices with site assignment/content location issues.

With this release, we can now create a collection for a list of clients that fall into specific boundary groups and also create a collection for a list of clients that are missing the boundary groups.


For the collections, you can refer these blog posts and

Now, in this blog post, we will see how to create/get a report for you to identify the list of clients from specific collections that are missing the boundaries/boundary groups.

I have created a report for you (this works only with configuration manager 2002 and later and also make sure your clients are upgraded to 2002 client) and is available in GitHub for your download.

Download the report from GitHub, upload it to your SSRS, change the data source, and run the report.

Clients missing boundaries: you need to go back and review your boundaries and boundary groups.

If your clients are running lower than 2002 then you don't see the data in the report because the boundary group info is enabled only in clients 2002 and later.

If your boundaries and boundary groups are configured perfect and all your clients running 2002 and later, you will see the following screen ( Don't look at the title as it has been changed later)

I hope you find the post useful!

The following are the few custom reports created for earlier versions of the configuration manager builds.

For more information about boundary groups, please refer

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  1. Receiving this error when trying to upload this to “SQL Server Reporting Services 2017 Version 14.0.600.1453:

    An error has occurred.
    The definition of this report is not valid or supported by this version of Reporting Services. The report definition may have been created with a later version of Reporting Services, or contain content that is not well-formed or not valid based on Reporting Services schemas. Details: Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 773, position 77.

    Schema is 2016 and looks like your report is configured for 2008. Any thoughts?


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