SCCM 2012 Check Patch is member of what software update package

This blog post is quick one to check ,patch (BulletinID) is member of what software update package.You may be wondering why do you need to check since clients can connect to the DP and download the patches as long as these patches are available on the DP. Here is short background of it.

Background :I was looking at patches released during February 2015 as part of patching process in Configuration manager 2012 console at customer.Configmgr site used by 2 different departments with different procedures (one dept manage X  number of  Clients and other manages Y number of clients) within the company with their own site servers(DP’s). So basically patching is done by 2 different guys using the same console .

so as usual ,patching activity ,I was looking at the console for Feb 2015 patches using the search criteria ,these were already downloaded and deployed to collection.I didn’t realized that,this was done by other department guys. So this leads me to think whether should I just add these downloaded and deployed patches to my Feb,2015 month software update group or not ? if I add these patches to Feb 2015 SUP group ,my client would definitely fail since clients do not have access to other department DP’s to download the content and boundaries/boundary group were not configured as such.I can simply distribute the source content from their DP to my DP’s but later if they do any changes to the source content ..huh, No.

If at all ,these patches are downloaded by someone with in my department,then there is no necessity for me to re-download the patches again but I need to verify these patches are member of what packages ? (if same department or different department) .

How do I check if the downloaded patches( No need to check for all but few 1-5 in this case) to confirm . you can get this by looking at package in the console –show members but if there are multiple packages ,not possible to check each package.

So instead,use the SQL query ,to check if patch is part of  which package then decide whether to download patches to your package source location.


SELECT vui.BulletinID,vui.ArticleID,vui.Title,p.Name,p.StoredPkgPath,p.Description
FROM dbo.vUpdateToPkg AS vutp
INNER JOIN dbo.v_UpdateInfo AS vui ON vui.CI_ID = vutp.CI_ID
INNER JOIN dbo.v_Package AS p ON p.PackageID=vutp.PkgID
WHERE vui.BulletinID='MS15-015'



You can replace the BulletinID with articleID or title whatever you need.

Download the Configmgr 2012 R2 SQL views to create customized reports using

3 Responses to "SCCM 2012 Check Patch is member of what software update package"

  1. hi eswar
    first, I would like to thank you for your knowledge
    I need to create SCCM report to check if Specific Hotfix installed on a collection is installed in my all environment
    note update push by WSUS, not SCCM
    I try this scenario enable Win32_QuickFixEngineering WMI class and run command select * from QUICK_FIX_ENGINEERING_DATA
    but no result
    can you help me

    1. Hi Ahmad,
      If you are WSUS but not SCCM then you dont get much of custom reporting unless with WSUS default reporting. If you are using SCCM then you never need to use WSUS to deploy updates .SCCM will take care of deployment while WSUS help to run backend for SCCM to sync updates on regular basis and also let clients to scan for catalog from WSUS.



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