#SCCM / #configmgr 2012 Open Resource Explorer Without SCCM Console

In My Previous post , we get to connect Resource Explorer of Computer without Using SCCM Console in SCCM 2007.http://eskonr.com/2012/12/sccm-configmgr-2007-open-resource-explorer-without-sccm-console/

You can use the same script for sccm 2012 but with littlie changes to the folder names and File names.

Here is the Batch script to connect to resource Explorer of Client Computer in SCCM 2012 without Launching SCCM 2012 Console.

Change the Values in Red Color.

@echo off
Title Resource Explorer by ESKONR
> temp.vbs ECHO WScript.Echo InputBox( "To which Computer would you like to connect?", "Resource Explorer By ESKONR", "Enter Computer Name" )
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('CSCRIPT.EXE //NoLogo temp.vbs') DO SET dator=%%A
DEL temp.vbs
SET var='%dator%'
start resourceexplorer.exe -s -sms:ResExplrQuery="SELECT ResourceID FROM SMS_R_SYSTEM WHERE NAME = %var%" -sms:connection=\\Server\root\sms\site_%Sitecode%

Update: Below is another way to connect to resource Explorer without creating temp script.more info http://www.linkedin.com/groups/SCCM-configmgr-2012-connect-Resource-1078397.S.260499071

@echo off
set CMConsoleDir=E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin
set SiteCode=XYZ
set PCName=%1
If "%PCName%=="" set /p PCName=Enter the computer name:
echo Starting Configuration manager Resource Explorer for the computer named %PCName%
start "" "%CMConsoleDir%\ResourceExplorer.exe" -s -sms:ResExplrQuery="SELECT ResourceID FROM SMS_R_SYSTEM WHERE NAME=""%PCName%""" -sms:connection=\\Server\root\sms\site_%Sitecode%

Change the CMConsoleDir and Sitecode.

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    1. for %PCName%,there are already enough quotes but,if your corrections worked for you,glad you made it. I will test the script ,and correct if still missing.


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