SCCM Report Compare packages on 2 DPS

Once you are done with installation/configuration of the sites/Distribution Point,you start distributing the content to it.sometimes you may have to check if the site which you configured has all the content that serve for clients to receive packages. For this,you can compare the newly configured server with already existing server  which has all the content including packages,drivers,SUP ,OSD etc .

Here is simple report compare the list of packages missing from newly configured server:

sccm2012sec is considered as base server which has all the content in it

sccm2012nor is newly configured one

select s.SiteCode,s.PackageID,p.Name,(p.sourcesize)/1024 as "size(MB)",s.sourceversion as "DPVersion",p.storedpkgversion as Latversion,s.Installstatus as 'Package Status',
Case v_Package.PackageType
When 0 Then 'Package'
When 3 Then 'Driver'
When 4 Then 'Task Sequence'
When 5 Then 'software Update'
When 7 Then 'Virtual'
When 8 Then 'Application'
When 257 Then 'Image'
When 258 Then 'Boot Image'
When 259 Then 'OS'
Else ' '
END AS 'Type'
from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm s
inner join smspackages p on s.packageid = p.pkgid
inner join v_Package on v_Package.PackageID=p.[PkgID]
where s.PackageID not in (select PackageID from v_DistributionPoint where ServerNALPath like  '%sccm2012nor%') and ServerNALPath like '%sccm2012sec%'
order by 8

To distribute the missing packages,use the powershell script via

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