Configuration Manager(configMgr) 2012 RC2 prerequisites download

Long back have posted how to download prerequsisits which are required for configMgr 2012 RC1 . Day ago there was ConfigMgr 2012 RC2 released with some modifications ,avilable here to download ConfigMgr 2012 RC2 .

In ConfigMgr 2012 RC1 we have 13 files are prereq where as in RC2 we have 25 files as prereq.

This post will gives you how to download the prerequsists files for ConfigMgr 2012 RC2.

you can run SETUPDL.EXE from your command prompt (run with Administrator) with command line to download the prereq files on physical system and then load them into Lab server.

Drive letter:\ConfigMgr_2012_RC2_ENU_7703\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\setupdl.exe C:\downloads

change the bold letters with drive and where to save the files.


Browse to this folder while installing ConfigMgr 2012 RC2 .Hope it helps.

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