trace32.exe in sccm 2012

As we all know trace32.exe is utility that comes up with sms/sccm tool kit used to read the log files in better way.Tool name has been changed in configuration manager with CMtrace.exe . CMTrace.exe is a good choice for detailed, real-time monitoring of one or more components. You can specify that certain strings or actions be highlighted as they appear on the screen, and you can also filter log-file entries by component, time, thread ID, or entry text. This tool also maintains the entire log file in a window, so historical log-file data is visible at any time.

Where is it located ? both 32bit and 64bit trace tools are avilable from the SCCM2012 media.

CMtrace for 23 Bit:Drive Letter:\SCCM 2012 Media\SMSSETUP\OSD\bin\I386\cmtrace.exe with version 5.0.7678.0000

Cmtrace for 64 it:Drive letter:\sccm 2012 media\SMSSETUP\OSD\bin\x64\cmtrace.exe with version 5.0.7678.0000


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  1. Thanks for the article about CMTrace.exe

    Do you know if there are command-line switches available for this tool?
    Would be great to be able to specify a remote machine and specific log to view via scripting.


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