SCCM Configmgr Software update Compliance Report for multiple Software Update groups per collection


Long ago ,did blog post on How to get software update compliance for specific update group per collection with drill down report to list the Required/missing ,unknown clients with some additional information like recent hardware inventory, last update scan results ,OS etc .

This report will only work for single software update group per collection ,but in Configuration Manager ,there could Multiple Software update group created as part of Patching process and it would be difficult to know the compliance status for the same collection for multiple update groups and this task become tedious if you run the same report multiple times and write down the results into file.

with the help of Configuration Manager console ,it is possible to see the Compliance % (Required, installed ,Unknown  and %) for the software update group for the deployed collection but if you want to see the same for multiple update groups and get the list of Required Clients etc ,not possible ,Thus you need SSRS Report.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have SSRS Report that list the Software update compliance for multiple update groups per collection ?

This report is lying in my bucket for longer time and finally going out to public.

I have made little changes to the report (nothing major ) with respect to prompts (select multiple update groups) and drill down report changes as well.

This report allow you to select multiple Update groups and single collection as shown below . you need to action on Required (a.k.a Missing) and Unknown status (Client having issues with software update scan ).

It has 3 RDL files 1) Update compliance Status for multiple Groups per collection and 2) Linked report to know what are the client with specific Software update Status (Required ,Unknown) 3) List all missing updates for specific client.

First report looks like below:


Installed—>Specifies that the software update is applicable on the client computer and that the client computer already has the software update installed.

Not Required—>Specifies that the software update is not applicable on the client computer, and therefore, the software update is not required.

Required –>Specifies that the software update is applicable and required on the client computer

Unknown—> Specifies that the site server has not received a state message from the client computer,could be various reasons like scan did not run successfully,scan completed but state message did not sent successfully etc.

Click on the dark blue colour to see the Required ,Unknown clients for the selected software update group for specific collection.


As you see above snippet, click on the arrow pointed towards computer name to see the list of missing updates for specific client.



Download the Reports from TechNet Gallery ,Upload to your Configmgr SSRS reports ,Change the Data source and Run the Report .

How to troubleshoot software update issues ,refer

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  1. This report is very useful. Just wondering if it could easily be adjusted to show the results of all groups together as a single set of values like an overall compliance type of report?

    1. You mean all software update groups against specific collection ? If so, yes that can be done but need time to create.Will add to-do list.


  2. Hi Eswar

    Thank you for this report, it's very helpful.

    However I have a problem: When running the report, I choose a Software Update Group and Collection, then click Required to see the lists of clients.
    Then when I click a specific client, it lists all required updates in the SCCM DB, not limited to those in the Software Update Group I selected earlier.

    Is that by design?

    I was expecting it to limit by software update group like this report:

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rune,
      Nope,that is not by design however linked report needs to be adjusted to take the software update group that you selected as input.
      Need to look into the code to modify the report .These days very busy with O365 project hence delayed.


      1. Thank you. I found a way to link one of your other reports to the one I mentioned and now I have a working solution.
        Let me know if you want a copy 🙂

  3. Hi
    Why I see strange behavior on the second report and maybe it also influences first one too. I have approved november updes. But I wanted to check how October ones are doing. For example I see that 34 computer missing updates in Update group 10 2017. I click on missing number and see computers. When I click on one of computers I see no october updates missing but allready November (revised date 11-2017).
    How is that? So I cant realy see compliance for previos month.

  4. Great job Eswar! I wonder if it possible to rebuild this report in a opposite way - aka "Compliance report for Multiple Device Collections per update group"? Thank you in advance for your reply!

      1. Hi Eswar, thanks for the report. Just wondering if the function to query against multiple collection is available? As we need to query multiple software update groups against multiple collection groups.

          1. Hi Eswar - some great work here.............. so may I jump on the bandwaggon ? 🙂 - Im after a similar report, listing each machine in a chosen collection, showing the general compliance (compliant/non-compliance/unknown) status against 4 update groups - (as column headers) - is that possible ? - thank you

            1. Hi Nick,
              yes that is possible but would take time due to the code involved init. This is interesting report and helps lot of people there.
              I will add this to my to-do list. If you are subscribed for post, you will get notify on this.


  5. Thanks for this, it's just what I needed. Have an issue with the first report in the series "Software Update Compliance Status Per Collection for Multiple Groups". When running it via Report Builder it seems to work fine. The issue I'm having is when I run it via a browser http://sccmserver/reports, the page appears blank after choosing 'update group' & 'collection'

    1. Hi Frank,
      Strange that ,it works fine in reporting builder but doesnt when running browser. can you try to import the reports again into folder ,change the datasource and run it ?
      I just tried the reports, it works fine for me.


  6. Hi Eswar

    Want to start of by saying awesome report and thanks for sharing!

    However i got an issue, when click on the Required or unknown links i receive this following error:
    Reports/2.List Computers with specific status per UG per Collection' cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound)

    Are you able to point me into the right direction to fix this?


    1. Hi Lenny,
      can you check if you have other 2 reports uploaded into the same folder ? This report contain 3 reports as said in the blog post.


  7. Hi Eswar love this report "Software Update Compliance Status Per Collection for Multiple Groups" and then click on those who req the sug "List Computers with Specific Status Per UG Per Collection " But is there any way to go a step and se what patches are missing? not only the Update Group :"ADR Patch Tuesday Security And Critical Updates"
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Ricky,
      I have updated the post with your requirement ,hope you will find it useful. Redownload the files and upload to your SSRS reports folder.


  8. Thanks for all of the great posts! I am needing a report similar to this that shows the enforcement states for a deployment by collection. Is there a way to modify the report "States 1 - Enforcement states for a deployment" to include a collection filter?


    1. Hi,
      Nope, you can get only get the enforcement state for the collection that are deployed with software update groups. You cannot get enforcement states for non-deployed collections as they dont send any enforcement states like downloaded updates,failed etc.
      IF you have deployed a software update group to multiple collections and you want to use filter in this report ,you can do so by using the following SQL query:
      Replace the parameters like assignment ID and collection ID .

      DeploymentName=a.AssignmentName, a.CollectionName,a.CollectionID,
      --PComputers=convert(float, sc.StateCount*100.0) / isnull(nullif(@COLLCOUNT, 0), 1),
      DeploymentStateID=sc.StateType*10000 + sc.StateID
      from v_CIAssignment a
      cross apply(select StateType, StateID, StateCount=count(*) from v_AssignmentState_Combined where AssignmentID=a.AssignmentID and StateType in (300,301) group by StateType, StateID) sc
      left join v_StateNames sn on sn.TopicType=sc.StateType and sn.StateID=sc.StateID
      where a.AssignmentName='SOFTWARE UPDATE ASSIGNMENT'
      and a.CollectionID='COLLECTION ID'
      order by sc.StateCount desc, sn.StateName


  9. Very useful Eswar, exactly what I needed to unify SU compliance reports.

    I added some semaphoric color coding to make it more visual for quick inspections. You can include it if you like it.

    On "Software Update Compliance Status Per Collection for Multiple Groups" report on properties of the data row, I changed Fill > Backgroundcolor Expresion by

    =Switch(Fields!Success__.Value < 50,"Tomato", Fields!Success__.Value = 75, "LightGreen")

    and sorted results by Sucess ratio

    Thanks for such excellent report.

    1. Hi Jose,
      Glad it helped you and thanks for your thought. Yes, you can lot more changes depends on the requirement using this basic report.


  10. This report SCCM Configmgr Software update Compliance Report for multiple Software Update groups per collection is really close to what my CIO is looking for, except he wants the 'dwell time' between a patch release and it's deployment on the target systems in a collection. How can I get the 'dwell time' i.e., the time between when a software update patch is released and when it's deployed? A thousand thanks in advance!


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