SCCM report for Site System status and Hierarchy Design

Did you ever find difficulty in identifying the site system information when you have multi-tier hierarchy like  central,multiple primary sites and
each primary has primary and secondary sites.

It is difficult to identify and check for site settings (like discovery,Site maintenance Tasks etc.) OR Site Component Information until you know all site verywell .

To make it little easy,I have created a report that gives you hierarchy design information along with site system status.

C.servername,b.SiteCode,C.SiteName,C.ReportingSiteCode, b.Updated 'Time Stamp',C.InstallDir,

Case b.Status
When 0 Then 'OK'
When 1 Then 'Warning'
When 2 Then 'Critical'
Else ' '
End AS 'Site Status',
Case C.Status
When 1 Then 'Active'
When 2 Then 'Pending'
When 3 Then 'Failed'
When 4 Then 'Deleted'
When 5 Then 'Upgrade'
Else ' '
END AS 'Site State'
From V_SummarizerSiteStatus B
Join v_Site C on B.SiteCode = C.SiteCode

Order By C.Servername

Should be of helpful !

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