Tool for managing the import and export of SSRS report – ReportSync Tool

Did you ever had difficulties importing, exporting or migrating the SSRS reports from one Configuration infra to other ConfigMgr infra? If so, how do you migrate reports ? When i work with my customers on the hardware migration of the SCCM and especially the SSRS reports, i always use the tool rather powershell scripts.

To get the SSRS Reports from the Configuration Manager , you can either run the SSRS reports,download the reports manually into rdl format and upload to other SSRS report server. This is applicable when you have single digit reports. What if you have large number of reports and you want to migrate them from source SSRS to destination SSRS with same folder structure? Doing manual takes lot of time and is not efficient way of doing it.

This blog post discuss about how to migrate reports ,download,upload your custom reports to Configmgr SSRS folder.

During my Search ,I found a tool called ReportSync that does the following activities .

  • Sync reports between two SSRS servers.
  • Download RDL Files from SSRS  to local PC.
  • Upload RDL files to a SSRS server
  • Attach datasources automatically on upload(Data source name given in the report must exist on server)

I use this tool often while working with SSRS Reports since it gives me the flexibility to upload multiple reports to specific folder in SSRS. (Default via SSRS browser allows only one at a time).

Download the tool from

Run the Tool


This tool contains 2 fields 1) Source SSRS Web service and 2 ) Destination SSRS Web service.

As I said before,you can use this tool download SSRS Reports to local Drive,migrate reports between the SSRS Servers,upload the reports from Drive.

If you want to download the Reports (.RDL) files from your SSRS server (Configmgr 2007 or 2012 ),enter the source URL ,User hat has permissions to connect to SSRS,Password in Source URL Web Service and click on Load.

How to get the right SSRS URL that has been configured in your environment ?

From your Configmgr server or SQL Server,Launch Reporting services Configuration manager tool and look for Web service URL


After you run the tool ,It takes few seconds or minute to load the reports from your SSRS Folder .


Select the report that you want ,provide the local path to store these reports (.RDL files) and click on Download.

Each category what you see in this tool will be created as Folder in yours local Path.

Reports folder look like this :


You can also try to upload your customized reports to Destination server ,sync and do other functions with this tool.

Incase you have any issues with this tool, feel free to post in the comment section.

Hope it helps!

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    1. you can use powershell script to do such functions. The tool was created very long ago by someone and it has limited features.


    1. Hi,
      I believe you need to have access to SSRS Reports to download the reports. If you do not have read access to SSRS ,you cannot do further.



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