Download ConfigMgr builds from the eval center

Update: Eval site is now restored with improved user experience and is accessible via  Microsoft Evaluation Center  .The new improved eval center does not require any sign-in to download the media files.

This is quick post on the recent inquiry on various forums such as Twitter, reddit and Microsoft forums about the download of configuration manager build (Evaluation) from the evalcenter.

if you try to download the Configuration Manager current branch or technical preview from the evalcenter using , you will be redirected to and end up seeing the following screen.


Currently, the evaluation center links for downloading of the OS and application builds are broken or down and Microsoft is working on it.

For those who do not have access to MSDN, VLSC or visual studio subscription to download the media, you can use the following links to download the latest builds for Configuration Manager current branch or Technical preview.

ConfigMgr 2203 current branch Eval -

ConfigMgr 2202 technical preview baseline -

Thanks to Yvette O'Meally for arranging the links.

Hope it helps!

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