Configuration Manager 2002 hotfix KB4575774-The action Check Readiness for Upgrade is invalid

After the configuration manager current branch 2002 released, there are 4 update rollups and 1 hotfix (out-of-band) (if am tracking them correctly) released by Microsoft.

Following are the complete list of update rollups (first 4) and hotfix (last) for configuration manager version 2002.







Today, Microsoft has released hotfix (out-of-band) for the following issue:

After updating to Configuration manager current branch, version 2002, the New-CMTSStepPrestartCheck PowerShell cmdlet returns an error resembling the following when used.

The action "Check Readiness for Upgrade" is invalid. The property OSArchitecture contains an unsupported value 64-bit. The task sequence must be corrected before it can be used with SMS. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)

This error occurs due to changes in the Check Readiness task sequence step in version 2002.

Unlike other update rollup’s which usually appear in the console (updates and servicing), this hotfix is not available in the console and must download and install manually.

If you want to import the hotfix into the configuration manager console (updates and servicing), you can use update registration tool.

You can download the hotfix from this location. This update is around 50mb in size.

To apply this hotfix, you must have the configuration manager build 2002 along with recently released update rollup KB4560496.

Once the update is downloaded, run it on the server that has SCP role to register it in the console (updates and servicing node).

Once this is done, launch the SCCM console, goto administration node, updates and servicing, click on check for updates.

This process will take take couple of minutes before the hotfix appear in the console.

Once the update is available in the updates and servicing node, you can right click and download it and continue to install it.

Click next, next, next to finish the setup.

Monitor the status from the monitoring node, updates and servicing status

After the hotfix installation is completed, you will need to reinstall the console. There will be a notification on the top of the console.

After applying this update, you don't have to restart the server.

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