SCCM Configmgr Technical preview build 1903 released

Microsoft released SCCM Configmgr Technical preview build 1903 for this month (March 2019).  Technical previews are intended to use Lab purpose only and cannot be used in production environment.

The technical preview introduces new functionality that Microsoft is working on. It introduces new features that aren't yet included in the current branch of Configuration Manager. These features might eventually be included in an update to the current branch. Before we finalize the features, we want you to try them out and give us feedback.

If you already have technical preview lab running on build 1808 and above, you can get this in the console or if you want to build new lab ,you can download 1902.2 as baseline ,install it and then use in-console update to install 1903 build.

The Configuration Manager technical preview version 1902.2 is available as both an in-console update and as a new baseline version. Download baseline versions from the TechNet Evaluation Center..

Please read the technical preview supported hardware and products

Features that are introduced in technical preview version 1903:

Cloud services cost estimator:This release introduces a new cost estimator tool in the Configuration Manager console.

Screenshot of cloud services usage estimation tool

Use your distribution point as a local cache server for Delivery Optimization:You can now install Delivery Optimization In-Network Cache server on your distribution points. By caching this content on-premises, your clients can benefit from the Delivery Optimization feature, but you can help to protect WAN links

Reclaim lock for editing task sequences :If the SCCM console stops responding, you can be locked out of making further changes until the lock expires after 30 minutes. This lock is part of the Configuration Manager SEDO (Serialized Editing of Distributed Objects) system

Drill through required updates: you can now drill through compliance statistics to see which devices require a specific software update. To view the device list, you need permission to view updates and the collections the devices belong to

Improvement to task sequence media creation: when you create task sequence media, Configuration Manager doesn't add an autorun.inf file. This file is commonly blocked by antimalware products

To install this update using in-console ,from the console, administrations –updates and servicing  ,check for updates to see 1903.


Once download and status changes to ready to install ,right click and choose install update pack.

If the binaries are not downloading, you can review dmpdownloader.log located in SCCM installation folder logs and review it. If it stuck at downloading, you can try restart of SMS executive and click check for updates to see download progress


Go with the default options that it take you through.


Monitor the installation using log (cmupdate.log located in your SCCM install directory) and also from the console (monitoring, updates and servicing status) .


After a while ,it will complete the installation and when you launch console ,it will display notification bar on the top to install new console.


Click on install new console.


Console version: 5.1906.1021.1000

Site version:5.0.8800.1000

Happy exploring of technical preview!

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