SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch 1902 is now available as in-console and baseline version

Microsoft has released Configuration Manager current branch 1902 as in-console and baseline version. You can apply this update on sites running on 1710, 1802, 1806, or 1810 .If you want to install new site ,you can download 1902 as baseline and install the update.

This build includes bunch of features listed below:

Site infrastructure:
  Client health dashboard
  New management insight rules
  Improvement to enhanced HTTP
  Improvement to setup prerequisites

Cloud-attached management:

  Stop cloud service when it exceeds threshold
  Use Azure Resource Manager for cloud services
  Add cloud management gateway to boundary groups

Real-time management:

  Run CMPivot from the central administration site
  Edit or copy PowerShell scripts

Content management:

  Distribution point maintenance mode

Client management:

  Client provisioning mode timeout
  View first screen only during remote control
  Specify a custom port for peer wakeup

Application management:

  Improvements to application approvals via email
  Improvements to Package Conversion Manager

OS deployment:

  Progress status during in-place upgrade task sequence
  Improvements to task sequence media creation
  Specify temporary storage
  Add a label to the media
  Import a single index of an OS image
  Optimized image servicing
  Improvements to Run PowerShell Script task sequence step
  Other improvements to OS deployment

Software Center:

  Replace toast notifications with dialog window
  Software changes are required
  Restart required
  Configure user device affinity in Software Center
  Configure default views in Software Center

Software updates:

Specify priority for feature updates in Windows 10 servicing

Office management:

  Redirect Windows known folders to OneDrive
  Integration with analytics for Office 365 ProPlus readiness
  Additional languages for Office 365 updates
  Office products on lifecycle dashboard

Phased deployments:

  Dedicated monitoring for phased deployments
  Improvement to phased deployment success criteria

Configuration Manager console:

    Improvements to Configuration Manager console
    Configuration Manager console notifications
    Confirmation of console feedback
   View recently connected consoles
    In-console documentation dashboard
    Search device views using MAC address
    Use .NET 4.7 for improved console accessibility

Read full set of features with description 

list of PowerShell cmdlet changes 

For list of known issues 

To download the baseline version of 1902 ,you can login to volume licensing servicing center or from evaluation center.

For now ,Microsoft has released this update via fastring . What does fastring means ? To get the update in console at this point of time,you need to run the script manually to see 1902 in console.

If you are not in rush and ok to wait for slow ring then you can simply ignore this script and continue to read the blog post.

Installation of this update via in-console is similar to previous build versions but Always review the latest checklist for installing this update. For more information, see Checklist for installing update 1902. After you update a site, also review the Post-update checklist.

For fastring ,download the PowerShell script from TechNet and copy it to your SCCM site server.

Extract it and run the script from PowerShell command.

1.      Launch an elevated command prompt

2.      Run PowerShell

3.      Run the EnableFastUpdateRing1902.ps1 script (bundled in the exe in the link above)

·         EnableFastUpdateRing1902.ps1 <SiteServer_Name | SiteServer_IP> where SiteServer refers to the CAS or standalone primary site server

4.      Force a check for the update.

·         Go to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing and click "Check for Updates". 

Once you ran the script ,close any SCCM console connections and restart SMS executive service .

Launch SCCM console now. On a side ,open dmpdownloader.log .This log will track all info related to download of update.

On the updates and servicing node, click on check for updates


After a while ,you will see 1902 update appear in the console.

You can monitor dmpdownloader.log for any errors.

Once you see 1902 update in the console ,run the pre-requisites check to see if your site is ready for the upgrade.


After a while ,status will be updated .

Run the pre-requisite checker to see if your site is ready to update to 1902.


Once the pre-req check is passed, you are good to install the update pack.


Choose the features that you want to enable. If you are not sure what to be enabled, you can do it later after the update installed via features .


Have a pre-production collection and select the collection to install the 1902 client.


Accept the license terms , click next


Check the summary page ,click Next


you will see completion wizard


Now ,monitor the status of update 1902 from updates and servicing node or using log file cmupdate.log

Once the installation completed ,you will see a prompt asking to install new console version .click ok  to install new console.


Configuration manager version:


SCCM Site version: 5.00.8790.1000

SCCM console version:5.1902.1085.1500

SCCM Client version: 5.00.8790.1005

Happy exploring !

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