ConfigMgr console update failed to download with ‘Error in verifying the trust of file’ WARNING: Failed to call IsFileTrusted

Microsoft released December month ConfigMgr Technical Preview version (1712). It has been while since I look at my SCCM Tech preview lab. So I had chance to look at the new features that are released with this preview version and play around it in my lab.

Following are the new features released with this preview version (This is only for lab purpose,not for production release).

Do not automatically upgrade superseded applications

Install multiple applications in Software Center

Client-based PXE responder service

Change in the Configuration Manager client install

Change to the Surface device dashboard

Improvements to Office 365 Client Management dashboard

Improvements to the Configuration Manager console

Improvements to operating system deployment

Windows 10 Feedback Hub app integration

More information about these features and documentation,please refer 

As usual ,I open the console ,go to administration node, from updates and servicing ,click on check for updates .After a while (make sure you have internet connection for this to work) ,I saw Configuration manager technical preview 1712 but the state stuck at downloading for longer period . I looked at the internet connection if there is any outage ,internet connection looks good.Since my configmgr lab is running on virtual environment ,there is no AV (antivirus product running ). I went ahead to look at the log file that track the information about download of updates dmpdownloader.log . As you can see in the below snippet ,it throw different error codes.

Error in verifying the trust of file 'F:\ConfigMgr\EasySetupPayload\'.


after few lines later ,I can see the following error code.

Error in verifying the trust of file 'F:\ConfigMgr\EasySetupPayload\'.

WARNING: Failed to call IsFileTrusted


I tried the solution given in the TechNet article when  the update stuck with a state of Downloading in the Updates and Servicing node but it doesn’t help for me ( I changed the registry key value ,stop the SMS_DMP_downloader component and start).

If you look at the folder F:\ConfigMgr\EasySetupPayload as per the log ,you will see cab file with hash ID:51d629d3-c355-4b80-ad6f-ba44b27f84ed and size is 0 bytes.

Usually this cab file should be of size around 600MB+ as this is set of installation files that will be used to update the configmgr to new version.

So I search in the log file using hash ID:51d629d3-c355-4b80-ad6f-ba44b27f84ed  ,I got URL


After I download the file manually ,put it in folder F:\ConfigMgr\EasySetupPayload  . Once you are done with it , open the configuration manager service manager ,stop SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER ,start the component.


Monitor the log file dmpdownloader.log ,you will see the extraction of the cab file will be happening and after a while ,the cab file will disappear from F:\ConfigMgr\EasySetupPayload  folder.


If you did not notice any errors in the log file, you are good to install the update from console .Go back to your console and install the update ,monitor the status using cmupdate.log and ConfigMgrSetup.log.

At the end ,you will see the following screen to upgrade the existing console to new version.



Hope it helps!

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