List of SCCM Configmgr Technical Preview Default reports

Exploring the recently released Configuration manager Tech preview (60 days evolution ) by Microsoft in my lab.It has got some nice features like Management rotation,Auto Client upgrade to collection,OSD and other things.

I was looking at reports what has been added extra compared to Configuration manager 2012 R2 CU4 (this my present CM level).

Configmgr tech preview has got total of 494 reports by default which is more compared to Configmgr 2012 (444 ,With R2 CU level  491 reports) .

Below reports are appearing as new in Tech preview version:

1.List of noncompliant Apps and Devices for a specified user

2.Summary of Users who have Noncompliant Apps

3.Compliance status of default ActiveSync mailbox policy for the mobile devices that are managed by the Exchange Server connector

4.List of devices by Conditional Access State

5.List of Devices enrolled per user in Microsoft Intune

6.Number of devices enrolled per user in Microsoft Intune

Download the list of default reports from Configuration manager tech Preview version here

I have also posted the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU4 default reports here for download.

I have used the below SQL query to get list of reports available against the reportserver database:

Select   Name,Description,SubString(Path,1,Len(Path) - (CharIndex('/',Reverse(Path))-1)) As Path,
Case When Hidden = 1 Then  'Yes' Else 'No' End As Hidden
From  Catalog
Where Type = 2
Order By SubString(Path,1,Len(Path) - (CharIndex('/',Reverse(Path))-1)),Name


Type 2—For Reports

Type 1—For Folder Names

Type 5 --For Data source

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