Configmgr 2012 SSRS Report Count Client Versions

We have been seeing many hotfixes and Cumulative updates for configmgr 2012 product .For each hotfix /CU level,the client version will get change. As you test and deploy these hotfixes /CU's in your environment ,you are also required to maintain the environment both clients and server client to the same level as your site running.

Being configmgr admin,you are responsible to maintain clients levels same as that of your site server.i created SSRS Report to list down all the client versions, Description of Version name and its count.

I have created nice SSRS Report to list the count of configmgr client versions and also Hyperlink to list the computers.

Use this below SQL query to count the Client Versions from Configmgr environment.

select sys.Client_Version0, "CM Name"=
case sys.Client_Version0
when '4.00.6487.2000' then 'CM07 SP2 (4.00.6487.2000)'
when '4.00.6487.2188' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2188)'
when '4.00.6487.2187' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2187)'
when '4.00.6487.2157' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2157)'
when '5.00.0000.0000' then 'CM12 RTM (5.00.0000.0000)'
when '5.00.7804.1000' then 'CM12 SP1 (5.00.7804.1000)'
when '5.00.7804.1202' then 'CM12 SP1 CU1 (5.00.7804.1202)'
when '5.00.7804.1300' then 'CM12 SP1 CU2 (5.00.7804.1300)'
when '5.00.7804.1400' then 'CM12 SP1 CU3 (5.00.7804.1400)'
when '5.00.7958.1000' then 'CM12 R2 (5.00.7958.1000)'
when '5.00.7958.1101' then 'CM12 R2 KB 2905002(5.00.7958.1101)'
when '5.00.7958.1203' then 'CM12 R2 CU1 (5.00.7958.1203)'
when '5.00.7958.1303' then 'CM12 R2 CU2 (5.00.7958.1303)'
when '5.00.7958.1401' then 'CM12 R2 CU3 (5.00.7958.1401)'
when '5.00.7958.1501' then 'CM12 R2 CU4 (5.00.7958.1501)'
else 'Others(non-Clients)'
End,count(*) [Total]
from v_R_System sys
where sys.Name0 not like 'unknown' and
sys.Client_Version0 not like '' and sys.Client_Version0 not like '0.0%'
group by sys.Client_Version0
order by 3 desc

SSRS Report:




Download the SSRS Report from Technet Gallery

Note: don't forget to change the data source before you run the report.

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  1. When you cut and paste above query into sql 2012, I always get error Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2
    Incorrect syntax near '“'. Is there any tool (free one) that can change the quotation to ' in order to resolve query issue.

    I have to copy the query in notepad and make necessary change to quotation and then paste into sql 2012 and then execute the query - no issue.


    1. I will be changing the hosting of the blog to different version,hope,this problem will not occur again but until that,you will have to replace the quotes manually.


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