SCCM Configmgr 2012 SSRS Report Count of Client Versions

We have been seeing many hotfixes and Cumulative updates for configmgr 2012 product .For each hotfix /CU level,the client version will get change. As you test and deploy these hotfixes /CU's in your environment ,you are also required to maintain the environment both clients and server client to the same level as your site running.

Being configmgr admin,you are responsible to maintain clients levels same as that of your site server.i created SSRS Report and linked report to list down all the client versions, Description of Version name and its count.

Use this below SQL query to count the Client Versions from Configmgr environment.

select sys.Client_Version0, "CM Name"=
case sys.Client_Version0
when '4.00.6487.2000' then 'CM07 SP2 (4.00.6487.2000)'
when '4.00.6487.2188' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2188)'
when '4.00.6487.2187' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2187)'
when '4.00.6487.2157' then 'CM07 R3 (4.00.6487.2157)'
when '5.00.0000.0000' then 'CM12 RTM (5.00.0000.0000)'
when '5.00.7804.1000' then 'CM12 SP1 (5.00.7804.1000)'
when '5.00.7804.1202' then 'CM12 SP1 CU1 (5.00.7804.1202)'
when '5.00.7804.1300' then 'CM12 SP1 CU2 (5.00.7804.1300)'
when '5.00.7804.1400' then 'CM12 SP1 CU3 (5.00.7804.1400)'
when '5.00.7958.1000' then 'CM12 R2 (5.00.7958.1000)'
when '5.00.7958.1101' then 'CM12 R2 KB 2905002(5.00.7958.1101)'
when '5.00.7958.1203' then 'CM12 R2 CU1 (5.00.7958.1203)'
when '5.00.7958.1303' then 'CM12 R2 CU2 (5.00.7958.1303)'
when '5.00.7958.1401' then 'CM12 R2 CU3 (5.00.7958.1401)'
else 'Others(non-Clients)'
End,count(*) [Total]
from v_R_System sys
where sys.Name0 not like 'unknown' and
sys.Client_Version0 not like '' and sys.Client_Version0 not like '0.0%'
group by sys.Client_Version0
order by 3 desc

SSRS Report:




Download the SSRS RDL file from technet gallary ,uploaded to your SSRS Report folder .you are done.

Note: dont forget to change the Data source for the reports before you run.

8 Responses to "SCCM Configmgr 2012 SSRS Report Count of Client Versions"

  1. Hi Eswar,

    Thanks for the blog.
    I am also looking for a query to count client versions in each collection, other than all machines in sccm. Can you please help.


      1. Hi,

        I need a query to count number of machines with similar client version in each collection.

        Looking forward for a query to report these fields:

        Collection Name || Collection ID || Assigned Clients || Count of Active Clients || Count of Installed Clients || Count of ClientVersion [5.00.8325.1000] || Count of ClientVersion[5.00.8355.1000] || Count of ClientVersion [5.00.8412.1000] || Count of ClientVersion[5.00.8412.1007] || Count of ClientVersion[5.00.8412.1307]


      2. Sorry for getting back late..
        We are looking forward for a query to report the below fields/details listing all the collections with their respective count of machines having same client versions.

        Collection ID || Collection Name || Assigned Clients ||Active Clients || Count of machines with version 5.00.8325.1000 ||Count of machines with version 5.00.8355.1306 || Count of machines with version 5.00.8412.1007 || Count of machines with version 5.00.8412.1307

        Do you have any info about this?


        1. why do you care about each collection ? when you focus on getting the information about all clients ,isn't that enough to troubleshoot clients not running on latest version ?


  2. Hi Eswar,
    First .. thanks for your blog ... great to find some usefull informations.
    I just want to send you my feedback regarding your report above ... I actually use it and I encountered a little problem since I began the deployment of CU3.
    It seems that CU3 update only some Agents (not all) on a sccm client (Agents version are updated to 5.00.7804.1400 version) and SCCM client version is also updated to this version.
    But when I check the DB and more precisely V_R_SYSTEM view, Client_Version0 is not updated with the right version.
    So I don't understand how your report could work ? (msp installation of CU3 is ok, all inventories is ok too)
    In a same way, the default SCCM report didn't show all versions too (it's logic).

    I've created two collections (Workstation with CU3 or wokstations without CU3) which control the version of CCM Framework agent (which is also updated bu CU3).
    But It could be really cool if SSRS reports could work.
    Could you tell me if you discovered the same thing ?

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. ok,so the client that do not show in sccm report with CU3,shows in collection ? there is mismatch with report and collection ?the clients that do not show in report with cu3 updated,did u check on the client what version it had from configmgr applet ?
      i dont see any discrepancy with the report information in my environment.I can check that for you on monday and keep you posted.

    2. check the client configmgr applet properties from control panel,do you see the client version is same as what is available in V_r_system ?You should see the same version in both DB and Client version from configmgr applet.


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