Script to Change SCCM Configmgr Client Cache Size

My Previous Blog post talks about How to know Client Cache folder size in your Environment using Custom MOF.What is you are deploying Larger packages or Your Cache size is full with applications and software updates ?

By Default,Configuration Manager Client stores the Deployed packages (could be applications,Packages,Software updates etc) in C:\windows\SysWOW64\CCM\Cache (CM07) and C:\Windows\ccmcache(CM12).

The Size of the Cache folder can be specified while installing SCCM Client using parameter SMSCACHESIZE .If you do not set this property while installing SCCM Client, the folder defaults to a maximum size of 5120 MB. The lowest value you can specify is 1 MB.

For More information how Client Cache Works,Read TechNet Article

Note From TechNet Article:If you reinstall a client, you cannot use the SMSCACHESIZE installation properties to set the cache size to be smaller than it was previously. If you try to do this, your value is ignored and the cache size is automatically set to the last size it was previously.

What happens when the Specified Cache limit size is full or no space to download the BIG Packages since there is no auto mechanism to delete the content ?

Two Options you have: 1) Either Delete the content which was not used since X days or Delete all the Content.

I have blogged about how to delete the Software Updates from the Cache folder

2) Increase the Cache Size Limit ,Blog talks about this Option.

Create Notepad File and save it as Filename.vbs

On Error Resume Next

Dim UIResManager
Dim Cache
Dim CacheSize


Set UIResManager = createobject ("UIResource.UIResourceMgr")

Set Cache=UIResManager.GetCacheInfo()


Note:Replace the double quotes(“) as blog converts them fancy.

To Increase size of Cache folder on Bulk Machines,You can advertise this as a package onto Collection.

You can also Achieve this using powershell script

Hope It helps!

5 Responses to "Script to Change SCCM Configmgr Client Cache Size"

  1. Eswar
    Will changing the default client settings client cache size, update the cache if modified? Or is this only for new installations?

    1. Hi,
      When you change the client settings ,SCCM will generate a policy and this will be applied during the next policy evaluation on clients and accordingly ,this cache size change will happen.
      So it will be applied on existing and new clients as well.


  2. Hi Eswar,
    Thanks for sharing this info.This is going to help me in my environment.I need to increase cache size of some machines as we need to deploy an application having size of more than 10 gb on some specific machine.


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