Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v2 is released!

Today is the official release of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v2. You can now download the RTM version of MED-V v2 from the MVLS site ,MSDN or TechNet.

For more information about the release please see the MDOP blog post

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.       How do I upgrade from the release candidate to the RTM?

A.       We recommend that you re-run the packaging process of the MED-V image using the latest MED-V Workspace Packager. You can then deploy the updated Host Agent and MED-V workspace to computers in your production environment.

If you have already deployed the MED-V workspace and would like to upgrade the MED-V software, run the MED-V Host.exe package on the Windows 7 machines. This exe will upgrade the components in the MED-V workspace.

Q.      How do I get support for MED-V now that it is released?

A.      If you have existing Professional incidents or a Premier contract, please call the regular number for support.

Premier support, call number 800-936-3100 or 425-454-7946 and provide your Support Account Number and password.  This will connect you with a Premier Customer Support Representative.

Professional support, call the appropriate number for the type of Professional Support incidents you have purchased. The numbers are listed on

If you do not have Professional incidents or a Premier contract, please go to for more information on how to obtain a support agreement.

Q.       What happened to the issues I reported on the connect site that were not resolved?

A.    The issues reported during the beta program which were not addressed during this release are being reviewed and consider for a future release.

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