SCCM MDT How to get multiple partitions in deplying Image and Refresh the existing OS

when deplying image on to bare metal PC,sometimes it may require to get multiple partitions like C,D,E ect depends on the organization requirement.(Going down the route of making multiple partitions is like having multiple wives/girlfriends/lovers… it’s all fun and games for a while but ends with disaster).

Here are simple steps that make simpler.

1.On your task sequence,get in to Preinstall->New computer only->formate and partition disk ,on the right pane click on star burst and select 2 volumes (with specific size for each partitions) and made both as primary .(in this case,u will get 2 partitions like C,E). if you need more partitions do as per ur's.

2.move on to the install->refresh only->apply operating System,on the right pane u can see the destination and select "specific disk and partition" disk '0' and partition '1' ,it makes the installation of OS on to the first partition which will be C drive.You can have multitple options from destination filed.

If your environment has many partitions (C,D,E) and you are supposed to just refresh the OS(XP) ,then just advertise the TS by removing install operating system->format and partition disk Task and select the destination 'Specific Logical drive letter' and drive letter 'C' under install operating system->Apply operating system Task. So it just Install the OS freshly onto the C drive without disturbing the other drives that you have.


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