Ports used by SMS 2003

Below are some of the ports which are required to be open for proper communication.

Port Requirements:

-->SMS site server to Active Directory

Service Name UDPTCP
RPC Endpoint Mapper135135
Global Catalog LDAPN/A3268
Global Catalog LDAP SSLN/A3269

-->  SMS 2003 Advanced Client to Active Directory

In an Active Directory environment, the Advanced client makes a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) query to the global catalog server to find a management point that matches the client’s IP address. The following ports are required in Active Directory to allow the client to contact the global catalog server.

--> Port 389 UDP (User Datagram Protocol) LDAP Ping

--> Port 389 TCP LDAP

--> Port 636 TCP LDAP (SSL Connection)

-> Port 3268 TCP (explicit connection to Global Catalog)

--> Port 3269 TCP (explicit SSL connection to Global Catalog)

--> SMS 2003 Advanced Client to Management Point or to distribution point

--> Port 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

--> Port 139 Client sessions (for non BITS-enabled DPs)

--> Port 445 Server Message Block (for non BITS-enabled DPs)

SMS Remote Control System service: Wuser32
Application protocol Protocol Ports
SMS Remote ChatTCP2703
SMS Remote ChatUDP2703
SMS Remote Control (control)TCP2701
SMS Remote Control (control)UDP2701
SMS Remote Control (data)TCP2702
SMS Remote Control (data)UDP2702
SMS Remote File TransferTCP2704
SMS Remote File TransferUDP2704

--> SMS Remote Control UDP

When you use NetBIOS over TCP/IP for SMS Remote Control, the following ports are used:

--> Port 137 Name resolution

--> Port 138 Messaging

--> Port 139 Client sessions

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