How to Install SCCM Configmgr Technical Preview

Microsoft announced some exciting stuff about Configuration manager 2012 and upcoming product Configmgr Technical preview  (can this be SCCM Configmgr 2016?) at Microsoft Ignite 2015. I did blog yesterday on Configuration manager updates from Ignite session ,Read the post here.

After the release of Configuration manager Technical preview,i started downloading and Installed it in my lab to play with it .During the installation,i captured few screen shots will be posting in this blog.

There are is Big difference in the Installation of Tech preview compared to its Previous version (configuration manager 2012).If you have done the installation of Configuration manager 2012,this will be straight forward for you. There are lot of step by step guides available on to show you how to install .

In this blog post,i am not going to show step by step installation with screen shots instead ,just the short summary and couple of Configmgr screen shots and it is clean installation.

Before you start installing,download Configuration manager Tech preview from here (no registration required),ADK from here and SQL server 2012 R2 or SQL server 2014.

Size of the file is around 484 MB in zipped format ,after you extract ,it comes around 820MB.


1.Install Windows server 2012,Join to the Domain .Provide enough permissions to the system management container folder in Active Directory to publish the attributes.

2.Download ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Prerequisites Installation Tool 1.3.0 .Big thanks to Nickolaj for developing this tool.This tool simplify lot work for you by installing all the required roles and features.

3.Install SQL Server 2012 R2 or SQL server 2014 with database engine and reporting services. There is no requirement or restriction for the cumulative update version of SQL .

4.Download the prerequisites files by running the setupdl.exe from your Configmgr media SC_Configmgr_SCEP_SCTP\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64. You can do this on the computer that have internet connection and copy the files to the configmgr server .Total size of the prerequisites folder is 672MB with 59 items init.

5.Check if your SQL Server services are not running under network service ,You can either choose local system or domain account.

6.Install WSUS,WDS if you need at this stage else you can do it later.

7.Install ADK (components required are: USMT,Deployment tools,WinPE).You can use Nickolaj tool to install this as well.

8.Start the Configuration manager Tech preview installation by running splash.hta or setup.exe from SC_Configmgr_SCEP_SCTP\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64

image image


image image




image For any Prerequisites error,monitor the log ConfigMgrPrereq.log on the root of your C drive.

image image

You are done with the installation of Configuration manager Tech Preview.If any errors,check the log file on the root of your C Drive ConfigMgrSetup.log

image Site Version :8239

Client Version:5.00.8239.1000

Console Version:5.00.8239.1000

More information can get from Registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup


7 Responses to "How to Install SCCM Configmgr Technical Preview"

  1. Sorry for delayed response. I finished installing TP1810 within home lab. I have configured Boundary with to Do,I need to update anything on the DHCP server as it is with IP range of to The reason I am asking is, if I were to install WS it should get ip address of 192.168.1.x because, I want to test new features of TP1810 on this WS and not to mess with CB1806 WS that are in IP range 192.168.0.x. Appreciate your response.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the delayed response .You dont have to make any changes on the DHCP but just that ,you must have scope configured in DHCP with the IP address that client get it and do pxe boot.


  2. I am trying the install today. So far CMTP server is installed and joined to the domain. All roles and features installed including WDS, WSUS & SQL 2017 with CU9.

    Since, I joined CMTP to the domain it already has production server site code. While installing TP1810, I will choose a different site code (TP1) and after the install will change boundary to because Production boundary is

    Will keep you posted.


  3. Thanks to your response. So, in effect, I should do the following to have 2 CM running on the same domain.

    0. Existing scope on the dhcp server is to ( with default gateway
    1. Create a new scope on the dhcp server with to ( with default gateway
    2. Create a new superscope on the dhcp server to include + (
    3. Install Windows Sever 2012 R2 on a new server and install all the updates
    4. Configure static ip address (
    5. Join the server to the domain
    6. Provide proper permission to the system management container in AD
    7. Install SQL 2014 (database engine, reporting services,management tool) & check the services are running
    8. Install required roles and features using Nick tool (Powershell script)
    9. Install ADK components
    10. Install WDS and WSUS
    11. Install CM 2016 TP from the setup folder

    As of now my current boundary seting on CM 2012 R2 is Type = Active Directory Site and Active Directory Site name = Default-First-Site-Name. I think this can cause problem with CM 2016 TP and I need to change boundary setting on CM 2012 R2 Type = IP Subnet (, 255.255.0 with network ID

    Hope you can go through above info and let me know whether, I am in the right path. Take your time - No rush.



    1. yes,the only and primary change required is boundary and get that with IP address instead if AD site that will solve your problem.

  4. Hi - Thanks for the brief install notes. i have done a lot of CM2012 install and am quite familiar with the process. Just one question - how can the install be done in the following situation.

    1. I already have CM2012 R2 running in my lab with up to date CU installed. The server running CM12 also has SQL 2012 R2.
    2. Is it possible to run 2 simulatenous version of CM in a lab environment - if so how to do

    My Home lab setup

    Domain Controller, DHCP, DNS on server 2012 R2
    CM2012 with SQL 2012 R2 on server 2012 R2
    Clients are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10TP



    1. You can have 2 CM servers in same domain as long as they dont share common boundaries. Install CM preview on different server with different site code ,install windows workstation(WS1) OS with IP address which is not in boundaries of CM12. Configure the boundary of WS1 in CM preview to manage the client.


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