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Dell Safranka Recently posted Nice Article on Configmgr 2012 DP and how Single Instance Store works and how to notice them but it is in Hungarian Language ,I try to post the content in English here.

The Configuration Manager 2012, the distribution points for the more efficient use of disk space to a single method of storage for file-level, single instance store. It is somewhat more difficult to check whether a particular package includes all right lejutott the distribution points. Here are the steps I want to present in this post:

The installation kits for each of the folders that contain the source files to the Deployment Type to specify the Location of the Content separate:


You can check the contents of this how to has a DP from content status in the following way:

We know the application (Application). To do this, in the console, under the Monitoring of the Status of the Distribution Content Statust application and look for the description of the part and look at the "Package ID":


Then, the distribution point, the "SCCMContentLib" folder, navigate to the "PkgLib" folder and then open the Package ID to.INI file. In this we find the Application Deployment Type-r content identifiers ("<számok> Content_)

You can then navigate to the "SCCMContentLib" folder in the "DataLib" folder and open it in looking for "belonging to the Deplyoment Content_ Type" folder. It contains the original source folder structure and files, once again, a description of the .INI FILE:

Then open the a file in the INI file and look at the file's Hash and write down the first four characters:

You can then navigate to the "SCCMContentLib" folder in the "" folder and FileLib open file hash for the first four characters. (hint: use the Windows Explorer browser, because the sort order can be confusing). The contents of the open folder:

Then, find the file, in this case, the real has the "Setup.exe" file data (and hash verification):

This change is due to the introduction of the file adatduplikáció at the level of the ConfigMgr for 2012 was required, thereby increasing the distribution points use the mass storage. Note that the hash of the count, just CPU resources can enter into. The added benefit is that it is possible to leelenőrizzük that are actually valid content in the distribution points. This or manually in the Administration\Distribution Points by selecting the DP under the Properties tab and then click the "Content" tab in the "Validate" button, or by using the application evaluates Content Locations "tab" in the "Validate" button allows you to:

Or you can check out the content automatically perform scheduled installations (not recommended, only if a particular case is going to be "suspicious" DP thing). To do this, the Administration\Distribution Points by selecting the DP, under the Properties tab and then click on the "Content Validation" tab.

Original Post :http://blogs.technet.com/b/scm/archive/2012/11/13/configuration-manager-2012-dp-k-233-s-single-instance-store.aspx

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