#SCCM / #Configmgr 2012 Configure DP Role on Windows 8 workstation

SCCM 2007 has three basic types of distribution points i.e Standard, Server Share and Branch Distribution Points.  Each role had benefits, but there was not always one type that met all the administrator requirements.

This concept is now changed in SCCM 2012 and had come with one Role which is standard distribution point which merges Standard, Branch and Server Share distribution points.

This Distribution Point now has a new storage format called the Content Library.  The Content Library replaces SMSPKG shares as the default folder structure to host content.  The Content Library now stores all content on the distribution point in a single instance storage, this means each unique file is only stored once on the distribution point, regardless of how many times it is referenced by a package.  It also stores the file once on the distribution point even if it is contained in multiple packages!

For more information about Distribution Point Role changes in configmgr 2012 http://blogs.technet.com/b/inside_osd/archive/2011/03/28/configuration-manager-2012-distribution-points-and-pxe-services.aspx

How to install Distribution Point Role on Windows 8 workstation in Configmgr 2012  .

Before you proceed with installing and configuring role on windows 8 machine,ensure you all prerequisisites.

Add the site system Computer (Primary or secondary site) as local administrator on Windows 8 Computer to install DP role.



From SCCM configmgr 2012 SP1 console,right click on Servers and Site system roles


Choose the Right Site here and this site computer name should be added member of Local administrators group workstation.


You have only Distribution Role to configure.




since we do not have WDS on windows 8 workstation,nothing to do in PXE Settings


also No Multicast settings


if you need to validate the Content on a Schedule basis ,configure it


Add the Windows 8 workstation to right Boundary Group. More information about Boundary Group http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg699359.aspx





Start monitoring the Distribution Point role from monitoring Node-->Distribution Status—>Distribution Point configuration Status


also you can start monitoring the distmgr.log from secondary site Since the Win8 is assigned to Secondary site.

Which you can also monitor from Details summary on the DP.


also you can verify on Windows 8 Machine if the Folders are created or not.


To Distribute the Content to win8 DP,you can either add the Site to Distribution Point Group so that it takes all the packages which are part of this DP group will be distributed.

To monitor the package status on windows 8 machine,take a look at Distmgr.log from secondary site which will send the packages to Windows 8‘


Here are the entries from IIS to check if the content is available or not.


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  1. What do people think of installing IIS onto a workstation-class device? Do alot of network security teams have problems with potential vulnerabilities?

    1. Installing DP on workstation always not good idea bcz of its concurrent connections and it allows only 20 . It all depends on the how many clients and are they into remotly.
      Its again political answer having IIS on workstation .There wont be any vulnerabilities having IIS on Workstation AFAIK.


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