SCCM 2012 Secondary Site Prerequisites check list

Prerequisites for the installation of SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta Secondary Site which I noted when installing

Some Key Points about Secondary Site:

  • Each secondary site can support communications from up to 5,000 clients when you use a secondary site server computer with the recommended hardware and that has a fast and reliable network connection to its primary parent site. A secondary site might be able to support communications from additional clients when its hardware configuration exceeds the recommended hardware configuration.
  • Each secondary site supports a single management point that must be installed on the secondary site server.
  • The secondary site management point supports communications from the same number of clients as supported by the hardware configuration of the secondary site server.
  1. Minimum Operating system : Windows server 2008 Sp1
  3. .Net framework 4.0
  4. SQL server 2008 with Cumulative Update with Database Collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS .
  5. Primary site computer account as local admin on secondary site
  6. Secondary site computer account as member of Site-Site Connection system on primary site.
  7. Enable TCP/IP protocol in SQL server configuration services.

For more information about SQL server with CU Refer
Firewall Exceptions(TCP 1433,4022) for SQL For communication to the SQL Server database engine, and for intersite replication, you can use the default SQL Server port configurations or specify custom ports.( This you can do it Via Group Policy)

Primary Site computer account  member of local admin group on secondary Site
Permissions on System Management Container in AD.
Set SQL memory .How to set

5 Responses to "SCCM 2012 Secondary Site Prerequisites check list"

  1. It didn't give me the option to select remote SQL server. The option was graded out. It takes the same server where we are installing secondary site. But it gives me an Option to select SQL instance if previously installed on same server.

  2. Hello eswar,

    I have configured the SCCM 2012 primary server and all went pretty smoothly. But I had some issues when installing the secondary site.

    When installing Secondary Site from it’s parent primary, There are two options available for the database:

    1)Install and Configure a local copy of SQL Server Express on the secondary site computer
    2)Use an existing SQL Server instance.

    when i use the 2nd option to use an existing SQL server instance, the option to select a remote server is graded out. Could you please tell me how do we use the remote SQL server for configuring secondary server.


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