How to activate windows 8 Via command prompt ?

It was yet another big day for Microsoft and the Windows 8 team as the RTM build was officially made available to download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers.

So How to activate windows 8 enterprise Via command prompt with product key.

Step 1: Right click on cmd and select run as administrator
step 2: type SLUI.EXE 3 and press Enter
Step 3: Type your MAK key in and click "Activate"

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for putting up the information. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I have a consumer version and 3 weeks ago Microsoft - without warning - started demanding I buy a licence and every hour since the computer has locked up and I have had to crash out. I tried for 3 weeks to buy a licenece but because I was away in the Caribbean (working I hasten to add) I just couldn;t..

    Anyway, I bought a licence today and have tried entering the key BUT it won;t recognize it...

    Best Regards



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