How can I install SCCM 2012 Beta 2

Yesterday I have started downloading the SCCM 2012 Beta 2 from and it took a while due to bandwidth issues Smile

In this Guide,I will guide you through the installation of SCCM 2012 Beta 2 and other interesting feature /options that are changed from SCCM 2012 Beta 1

There are many features and their underlying infrastructure have changed significantly between Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 1 and Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2, you cannot upgrade to Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2. For more info please read and SCCM 2012 Prerelease documentation on

Before you start this guide ,Please reference the Supported Configuration Document and Release Notes which can be found on: Manager 2012 Beta 2 Supported Configuration.pdf 

Since,there are many guides are available from on installation of SCCM 2012 Beta 1 from scratch. I will go through the installation of SCCM 2012 Beta 2 assuming you have all prerequisites in place .I have the following things available in my LAB

1. computer 1 with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain with DNS and DHCP

2.Computer 2 with Windows server 2008 x64 Operating system with

SQL server 2008 SP1 With Cumulative Update 10 installed

.Net framework 3.5 and .Net framework 4.0

IIS ,WebDAV,BITS,RDC etc . To know more about the prerequisites required ,please go through

From your SCCM Beta 2 extraction folder ,click on setup.exe from “Drive letter:\ConfigMgr_2012_Beta2_ENU_7561\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\setup.exe”


Click next when the Wizard appears


Accept the License Terms


choose to download and use the latest updates or Use previously downloaded updates if you have already downloaded the prereq files.  since, My Lab is not connected to internet ,I have downloaded all these files from computer connected to internet and place it here.


the updates are verified with the prerequisites components


Below are the path links to download all these(total of 14 files) Prerequisites files.these files will be used while installing the SCCM 2012 Client on target computers as prerequisite files.

Prerequisites components for SCCM 2012 Beta 2:

1.component manifest----> as

2.Microsoft Remote Differential Compression Library will be copied with file name: msrdcoob_x86.exe--->

3.Microsoft Remote Differential Compression Library will be copied with file name: msrdcoob_amd64.exe-->

4.Windows Update Agent 3.0 will be copied with file name: WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe.--->

5.Windows Update Agent 3.0 will be copied with file name: WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe-->

6.WMI Redistributable Components version 1.0 will be copied with file name: wmirdist.msi-->

7.Silverlight Runtime will be copied with file name: Silverlight.exe--->

8.NET Framework Client Profile 4.0 RTM will be copied with file name: dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe-->

9.SQL Server 2008 Express will be copied with file name: SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe-->

10.MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 1 will be copied with file name: msxml6_x64.msi-->

11.SQL Server 2008 Native Client will be copied with file name: sqlncli.msi-->

12.SQL Server 2008 System CLR Types will be copied with file name: SQLSysClrTypes.msi-->

13.SQL Server 2008 Management Objects will be copied with file name: SharedManagementObjects.msi-->

14.SQL Server 2008 Replication Management Objects will be copied with file name: sql_rmo.msi-->

after the updates are verified from the downloaded folder you'll get to choose the Site code, Site Name and installation folder


as my site is a Primary and I've no Central Administration Site (CAS), I will choose the second option which is Primary Site Will be installed as a standalone site


Set your Database Server options (they are auto-populated),if you have used named instance while installing SQL server ,please provide it as given below.


and the SMS Provider Settings



next we select our Site System Roles


As this is still a beta, requesting your feedback is mandatory (no choice !)


Displays the setting summary


review the Pre-requisites check, if there are any errors (red) resolve them before continuing, we have some errors and warnings which we will have to resolve before the installation. Installed BITS and Turn off Firewall.


Run the Pre-requisites check again and  see if there are any errors.


Click on Begin Install when you are ready



Now You are done with the installation of SCCM 2012  and ready to use.

Once you click the Close button ,it takes sometime to open the SCCM 2012 console and here is the console view of SCCM 2012.


The Version of SCCM 2012 is 5.00.7561.0000 and Build number is :7561


Next I will go through the configuration of SCCM 2012 which are changed significantly from SCCM 2012 Beta 1.

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