Installation of Microsoft Application Virtualization(4.6) Desktop Client

In Previous Guide,we have seen how to Install App-V 4.6 Management Server in windows Server 2008 and How to Publish the Default app-V applications in windows server 2008   to users. In this Guide we will see how to Install App-V desktop Client(4.6) on Windows 7 to receive published application from App-V server.

Before we proceed to run the Setup file,check the link for Client Hardware and Software Requirements

One you have all the components in place ,Get a App-V desktop client 4.6 from Microsoft and Extract it before Run.

Run the setup wizard which will scan for and prompt you to install Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1 and 2008 SP1 Redistributable Packages and Microsoft Application Error Reporting if they are not installed.





If you want change default folder location ,click Custom if not Go with Typical


Next On the Application Virtualization Data Location page, provide the path and  location to store data used by all users with Drive letter.


Next, On the Cache Size Settings page ,Provide the Cache size Limit value for data store.Here the max cache size is used 6 GB and also shows amount of free disk space available from installation Drive.You can change it as per the requirement.


Next on Runtime Package Policy Configuration page ,select the applicable configuration how to load the applications and if authrisation requires or not .


Next ,On the Publishing Server page ,Select Setup a Publishing server now ,enter the Display name(server name which can be changed later) ,select Type as “Application Virtualization Server” ,Hostname is App-V Mgmt server name(FQDN) with port 554(RTSP) and Leave the Automatically contact this server to update settings when a user logs in check box selected.


Click Next if you are ready with all the settings configured if not go back and change it.




Requires log off and login to effect changes . Once done,you will see Q Drive created which can't be open directly like other drives.

Now you have installed App-V Desktop Client 4.6 on Windows 7 Computer.


You We are ready to test the basic functionality of the App-V system by launching the Default Application on the App-V Client that you just installed( The Default Application is provided as part of the installation and is automatically copied to the Management Server during installation. It is used to verify that the server was installed and configured correctly, but it needs to be published to the client so that the user can access it.

Now Log in to the Desktop Computer as User who is member of Appv-Users which is Security group added to Default application Group in App-V mgmt Server.



As soon as the user logs in,You will see an Icon on desktop(settings above) and Task bar on right hand side which confirms that,desktop client is able to communicate to App-V Management server for receiving the sequenced applications.




From above,we can confirm that,App-V Client is working fine in talking to App-V Management server.

Next--->Configuration settings of App-V Desktop Client and Troubleshooting Steps.

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