Configuration of App-V 4.6 Management Server in windows Server 2008

In Last post,we have seen how toInstall App-V 4.6 Management Server in windows Server 2008 .In this post,we will configure management server to publish the default application to the users.

Log into App-V Management server with Account that must be a member of Appv-Admins Group which we created in earlier post in Active Directory.

Click Start | Administrative Tools | Application Virtualization Management Console




In the App-V Management Console, click Actions | Connect to Application Virtualization System





Click on Browse and select the OSD Path for Default application which can be located from \\servername\content\Defaultapp.osd and same do it for Icon Path also as shown below.Do not use localhost or a file path containing a drive letter such as C:\Program Files\..\..\content.

You must enter the UNC path because the applications that are published to the users will be accessed by Users who have read access to it(content folder)


click on the Shortcuts Tab and select how you want to Publish the Default application to the users.


Click the Access Permissions tab, and confirm that the AppV-Users (who requires the application to be published) group is granted access to the application.


click Ok to finish the configuration how to publish the Default application to users.

By default ,the OSD(Open Software Description) file uses the secure connection protocol(RTSPS) which we is not used while installing Management server and we also required to check the management server name is correct or we have to Edit the .OSD file from content clients can connect to this share and read the OSD file for management server information,etc. It should look like below and save the changes.


Now you have completed how to publish the default application to users.

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  1. The wmi cmd lines are awesome.. i am new to admin, we have appv farm of 100 servers serving users.. During daily checks we need to manually check servers which doesnt have the cache loaded properly its huge task and trying to automate the checks which can give me report with servers containing issue (ie the appv client showing package status other than 100%)

    Please assist me with modifying the cmd line where it will just give me packagename and percentage (other than 100)

    c:\>WMIC /namespace:\\root\microsof
    t\appvirt\client path Package get cachedpercentage


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