Config Mgr site Hierarchy(Primary site,Secondary site,Child site and Central site)

I would like to list some of the basic SCCM Site hirarchy terminology that will be used in Planning and designing Primary and secondary sites and child sites as well.  and Choose Between Primary Sites, Secondary Sites, and Branch Distribution Points

What is Primary site :

•It has its own site database

•Primary site can Managed directly through Configuration Manager console installed on site server

•Only a primary site can be a parent

•First site installed must be a primary site

What is Secondary site:

•A secondary site, is a specific site type with limitations compared to a primary site and no demand for a SQL server.

•Secondary site must be a child site, and report to a primary parent site

•No database of its own, data stored in parent’s database

•It has No console, managed from parent site

•It doesn’t require Configuration Manager server license

•Clients cannot be assigned

What is Parent site:

•It Must be a primary site

• This Can also be a child site

• Site database contains information from child sites

What is Child Site:

•A child site, is simply referring to the site location in the hierarchy. If you have a parent site, then by default you will become a child site.

•Primary site can be child site; secondary site must be child site.

• Child site Can also be parent site, but only if it is a primary site.

• Only one parent (Primary can change parent; secondary cannot)

What is Central site:

• Site at the top of a hierarchy

• Contains information from all sites in hierarchy

• Stand-alone (without parent or child) still considered "central site"

Hope it helps you in understanding the SCCM sites when you work with .

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