SCCM report for Computers with IIS installed on servers

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Hi all ,Another report to find out the servers where IIS is installed with the version of it.this assumes that ,you have enabled the inventory agent and set the properties for .exe to not exclude windows folder.If you select exclude files from windows directory,you will not see any results in the report because inetmgr.exe will be located in windows folder.

select distinct a.Name0,c.FileVersion from v_R_System a inner join
v_GS_SERVICE b on b.ResourceID = a. ResourceID inner join
v_GS_SoftwareFile c on c.ResourceID=a.ResourceID
where b.DisplayName0 like 'World Wide Web%' and
a.Operating_System_Name_and0 like '%Server%'  and
c.FileName ='inetmgr.exe'
Order by a.Name0,c.FileVersion 

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