Internet Explorer 8 Features

Web Slices

When you spot the green Web Slices icon on a site, click it. If something changes on that site, the Web Slices icon in your Favorites bar lights up. Point to the glowing icon to see what’s changed on a particular Website.

Instant search

Instant search in IE8  displays a list of relevant suggestions the moment you start typing.


Just highlight some text, then click the blue Accelerator icon that appears to see information on different sites without navigating to other websites.

Compatibility View

If a webpage doesn’t look right, just click the new Compatibility View button on the Address bar. The button corrects misaligned text or images on pages designed for older browsers.

Internet Explorer’s Crash Recovery

It automatically closes and attempts to recover the tab without affecting other open tabs.

Internet Explorer Developer Tools

Now its easy to to create websites without having to modify them for each browser, and can view and debug web-pages.

SmartScreen Filter

It protects users from phishing attacks, online fraud, and spoofed websites, as well as websites that contains malicious software.

InPrivate Browsing

With In Private Browsing, no one can track your details. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your system from seeing where you visited and what you looked at on the web.

Cross-site Scripting

It protects you from hackers and web attack. It also protects users from malicious websites from stealing your personal information when surfing Internet.

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