WindowsXP to Windows7 64bit Migration in WinPE offline

Though the original post is avilable in windows-noob , having utilised the original task seqeunce, there are slight modifications done to carryout this task which are simple to upgrade WinXP to win7.

To use the existing Task sequence in 64 Bit OS , you will have to create additional packages like USMT and Micrisoft runscanstate pacakges which are used to in exisitng TS.

1. Create a New package"USMT x64 Only" which will point to source directory c:\program files\WAIK\tools\USMT\amd64. Do not create any program for this. MAke it avialble on to DP.

2.Open notepad ,paste the below code and name it as like runscanstate-offlinewindirx64.bat

@set USMT_WORKING_DIR=%~2%\USMTbits\amd64

"%~2\USMTbits\amd64\scanstate.exe" "%~1" /c /o /hardlink /efs:hardlink /nocompress /offlinewindir:c:\windows /v:5 /l:%~2\windows\TEMP\SMSTSLog\scanstate.log /progress:%~2\windows\TEMP\SMSTSLog\scanstateprogress.log /i:%~2\USMTbits\amd64\miguser.xml /i:%~2\USMTbits\amd64\migapp.xml

Now Create package called "runscanstate-offlinewindirx64"  with program command line "runscanstate-offlinewindirx64.bat" with default avilable options.Make it avialable to DP also.

It assumes that ,u have already created another USMT package which will point to USMT folder (x86,amd64) in c:\program files\WAIK\tools\USMT.

once the above packages are ready , you can import the avilable Task Sequence . Edit the TS to ensure the correct packages are referenced like USMTx64 only,USMT Both version( USMT folder) and scanstate package.

You will also need to make some command line changes in xcopy x64 usmt to usmtbits\amd64 step since i have used the default TS from noob and it tries to copy all the DP pakcages to usmtbits folder so i modified the commands like below as it works fine for me.

The command prompt which i use looks like xcopy %_SMSTSC01000D0%* %systemdrive%\USMTbits\amd64 /herciy Where C01000D0 is package ID of  USMT x64 only.

and another task xcopy runscanstate.bat to usmtbits command looks like xcopy %_SMSTSC0100047%* %systemdrive%\USMTbits /herciy where C0100047 is package ID of runscanstate-offlinewindirx64.

Rest of the process is same,you need to Advertise the above tasksequence to the respective collection and do a WINPE to carryout the task.

Task Sequence is given below with snap shot:

12 Responses to "WindowsXP to Windows7 64bit Migration in WinPE offline"

  1. hi,

    As part my OSD, i need to install Operating System only in C drive and keep the remaining drives as it is, how can i set this in Winpe

    Thanks in advance

    1. just use the task sequence action to install OS on C drive without format task. Installation of Image on C drive do not format/touch other drives.

  2. Is it possible to go from 32Bit XP to 64Bit Win 7? I can get it to Scan the XP 32Bit, but it is not loading in Win7 64bit. Iam using a 32bit USMT package to scan, and using USMT 4.0 for both x86 and x64 package for loadstate.

    1. you can upgrade from 32Bit of Win7 to 64Bit But you'll need to back up your files and choose the Custom option during Windows 7 installation. Then, you'll need to restore your files and reinstall your programs. For more information about performing a custom installation.
      did you check logs ? what do they say ?

  3. A final question for you.When i run it from pe or runnng the bat i get error.And i think it cannot recognize th paameters %~2 and %~1.So i believe i must chang them!Any advise?Thank you

  4. Hello Rawse,

    I have followed your directions here but I am using MDT 2010 without the ConfigMgr. So my work around for the packages is to include the Usmt bits in the WinPE image and I xcopy them over to my new folder on the system drive. My problem is that I do not operate in ConfigMgr so if you could show me what the Install Operating System steps through the end are I can have an automated solution instead of LiteTouch.




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