Task List for upgrading SCCM SP1 ,MDT 2008 to SCCM Sp2 ,MDT 2010

Today ,i updated my SCCM SP1 site server to SP2 .I have listed the actions that might be helpful in doing so .It is strongly recommened that ,test it in testing environment before taking it to the production. It is strongly recommended  to follow the check list from microsoft http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee344152.aspx


  1. Take backup of your Config mgr
  2. Install SCCM SP2 setup file and check the prerequisite components .if no major errors, then proceed to install SP2.
  3. Check the Configmgr setup log file to see the status of success.
  4. Once you finished installing SCCM SP2, the new WAIK version would be automatically installed on the site server.  It needs to be upgraded on any other admin machine as well.  You’ll also need to upgrade to MDT 2010 as MDT 2008 doesn’t know how to build a Windows PE image from the new WAIK.
  5. So before installing the MDT 2010, remove the Configmgr extensions.
  6. Install the Power shell 1.0 from the server manager under features.
  7. Install MDT 2010 and configure the workbench to the DP share (if u would like to use the Same DP share as it was In MDT 2008). It replaces all the files .I used the new DP share.
  8. Configure the Configmgr integration.
  9. Create/modify USMT 4.0 which comes with new WAIK tool present in c:\program files\windows AIK\Tools\USMT ,this is applicable only to above XP,if you are using XP machines in refreshing scneriao,use USMT 3.0 Version ,Version 4 doesnt support with XP.
  10. Create /modify Client Package to the new version (4.00.6487.2000).
  11. Move on to Configmgr console to create new boot Images for 32 and 64-bit as SP2 will update the default images to WINPE 3.0 but not the customised images (i.e WinPE 2.0) In doing thisd process ,it doesnt require to go and use imagex to unmount as you did in WAIK 1.0 for WIN PE 2.0 .win PE has 6.0 version where as WIN PE 3.0 has 6.1 version
  12. If necessary, import any drivers that are required for the boot image and assign them to the boot image.
  13. If you have already captured WIM image that you like to deploy to the target computer’s, then it’s time to move on creating Task Sequence.
  14. Select MDT Client Task Sequence and choose the respective steps.If you already have any TS that are advertised on to the collections ,make sure that ,u have edited with the correct boot image file bcz the SP1 version images doesnt work in SP2.
  15. In this process, its required to create MDT 2010 files , Deploy setting files ,Sysprep (if at all for XP,Server 2K3) and USMT (which is created already).
  16. After performing these steps, you can advertise the created TS on to the collection that you want.

Note :There have been reported issues with the MP and other IIS issues. So make sure before you start that your site is healthy with all green checks on the site servers. This will help to make sure things run smoothly.

For more information and snap shots can get it here: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1360-updating-sccm-2007-sp2-rc-or-beta-to-sp2-final/************************************************************************************************

Note :  Windows PE:  Configuration Manager 2007 requires Windows PE 2.0.
            Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 requires Windows PE 2.1.
            Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 requires Windows PE 3.0.

If the default boot images in Configuration Manager 2007 have been customized, you should back them up before installing Configuration Manager 2007 SP2. The default boot images will be overwritten during Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 installation.

WAIK: The version of WAIK required depends on the version of Configuration Manager 2007, as follows:Configuration Manager 2007 requires WAIK version 1.0.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and Configuration Manager 2007 R2 require WAIK version 1.1 from Windows Vista with SP1 or Windows Server 2008.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 requires WAIK version 2.0 from Windows 7. WAIK 2.0 includes User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 and Windows PE 3.0. . For more information about WAIK for Windows 7 .

Previous versions of WAIK must be uninstalled from the SMS Provider computer and the computer must be restarted before upgrading to Configuration Manager 2007 SP2. WAIK 2.0 will be installed when the site is upgraded to SP2. When troubleshooting operating system deployment for Configuration Manager 2007 SP2, confirm that the correct WAIK version, USMT version, and updated boot images are available.

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