Using Scripts to trigger software updates remotely from the SCCM console

A quick blogpost to trigger the installation of software updates (missing/failed/available in software Center) remotely from the console using built-in scripts feature.

If you have deployed software updates to your clients and during the windows update compliance check, you found that, the clients are still reporting as non-compliance (required).

There could be several reasons why the client is still reporting as non-compliance. For more  information about the software updates compliance states, please refer

To check if the client has any updates available in software Center but waiting for maintenance window or failed to install or other reason and trigger the installation, we can make use of the built-in scripts feature.


The following is the PowerShell script which will check for the windows updates (it can be Microsoft or 3rd party), and trigger the installation. Doing this action, will ignore the maintenance window ONLY (if you have any) and follow the reboot schedule as per the assignment.

To create and run PowerShell script, please follow the guide here using the following script.

$MissingUpdates = Get-WmiObject -Class CCM_SoftwareUpdate -Filter ComplianceState=0 -Namespace root\CCM\ClientSDK
$MissingUpdatesReformatted = @($MissingUpdates | ForEach-Object {if($_.ComplianceState -eq 0){[WMI]$_.__PATH}})
if ( $MissingUpdatesReformatted)
$InstallReturn = Invoke-WmiMethod -ComputerName $env:computername -Class CCM_SoftwareUpdatesManager -Name InstallUpdates -ArgumentList (,$MissingUpdatesReformatted) -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk
write-host "Updates found, initiated"
write-host "No updates found"

Once the script is created, approved, you can run it on individual machine or device collection.

Script output:


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