How to disable Firewall and network protection notifications using Microsoft Intune

In this blog post, we will see how to use Microsoft Intune to disable the firewall and network protection notifications that pop-up on windows 10 workstation. The use case could be that, if you have POS devices where you need to disable/hide all notifications. We are not disabling the firewall instead it will be notifications ONLY.


To disable the firewall and network protection notifications using Microsoft Intune, we will use configuration service provider (CSP). A configuration service provider (CSP) is an interface to read, set, modify, or delete configuration settings on the device.

For a supported CSP’s, please refer Configuration service provider reference.

For firewall/network protection, there is CSP which we can use to create a custom device configuration policy in Microsoft Intune and deploy to user group.

From the Microsoft documentation, we can see that, there is setting ‘DisableInboundNotifications’


To create the custom device configuration policy, login to

Click on devices, configuration profiles

Click on Create a profile. Choose the platform and profile


Name the configuration profile.


For configuration settings, click on add


we will create 3 settings 1)Domain 2)Private 3) Public. These settings will be applied where applicable.

Domain profile:



Date Type: Boolen

Value: True


Repeat the same for for private and public with following OMA-URI and set Boolean value to true.



For the assignments, add user security group.

Click Next and create.


End-user experience:

Before the policy was deployed:


After the policy is deployed:


You can check the assignment status in the Microsoft Intune for specific device configuration profile.


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  1. What CSP is used for disabling notiffications for website blocking from virus and threat protection notifications rather than firewall and network protection notifications.

  2. As there ius no longer a "custom" option when creating a profile, (Only options that exist today are "Settings Catalog (Preview)" and "Templates", is there an update to the above process that would apply to the current Intune platform?


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