Troubleshooting intune MAM Protection policies-iOS and Andriod

App protection policies in intune help you to ensure the organization data is secure on managed apps. If you want to use MAM protection policies for securing the org data on iOS and Android, you don't have to enroll the device into intune however you can create the MAM policies for both enrolled and without enrolled devices.

For the creation and protecting the organization data using MAM, pls read here

In this post, we will see how to monitor the MAM protection policy settings such as app PIN, contact sync, managed locations, etc on iOS, and Android devices for troubleshooting purposes.

Before the release of the Edge mobile browser, on iOS, we can type in about:intunehelp in intune managed browser which will launch a page to select the application and review the MAM protection policy settings.

And for Android, the intune managed browser does not work and the only way is to use the company portal and generate the logs.

With the introduction of the Edge mobile browser, the viewing of intune MAM protection policies are now much easier and is constant across the OS (iOS and Android) and that can be viewed using Edge mobile browser.

On the iOS/Andriod, launch a mobile edge browser. Make sure you signed into the edge browser using your work account.

On the address bar, type about:intunehelp


you will see the following page:


If you are working with a support engineer and you want to send the logs, you can click on send an email and upload logs.

You can also upload LOGS only.

In both the scenarios, you will be given with Incident ID that will help support engineer to read the logs.


To view the MAM protection settings that are applied at each intune managed app, click on View App info

you will be presented with a list of intune managed apps that have MAM policies applied.


Choose the app that you want to view the settings.

Here you can see a list of all app protection policy settings with the controls applied.

For a list of app protection policy settings and the description, you can refer here

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