How to convert Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise without reinstalling the OS


If you are following /reading the social networking sites (Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn) about #windows10 ,you might have already know by now that, Microsoft just released latest/last build number 10240 which claims to be the RTM version before it made available on July 29,2015 (7/29) to everyone. To get to recent build number (10240) ,go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates on your PC (Note: Make sure you login to your PC using Microsoft account before you do the windows update ).If you want to perform clean install,you may have to wait for couple of days i.e Jul 29th ,2015 else you can follow the procedure outlined here by Johan using PowerShell script to convert ESD to ISO .There are third party tools also available ,its upto you.

You can reach to windows updates window using the simple syntax which you can perform on RUN command :ms-settings:windowsupdate


It will open windows update window and show the updates if any available.


Coming to the subject line,If you have windows 10 professional edition and you want to convert it to Enterprise version ,you don’t have to reinstall the entire OS which is great feature in Windows 10. you can simply convert the WIM file from pro to enterprise using DISM in just few steps:

1.From your media ,copy the install.WIM file from media\sources folder to C: or D: drive and make sure wim is not read only from its properties. I choose C:\

2.Create folder called mount in C:\mount the cmd as run administrator and type Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:C:\Install.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\mount

4.check what editions the WIM will support and what is the current edition using  Dism /Image:C:\mount /Get-CurrentEdition


5.To check what additional versions that WIM is supported using Dism /Image:C:\mount /Get-TargetEditions


6.From above,you can choose which edition you want the WIM file to be converted either enterprise or Education or home if available .Now we will change the Image from pro to Enterprise using

Dism /Image:C:\mount /Set-Edition:Enterprise


7.You can now check if the image edition changed from Pro to Ent using step 4 :Dism /Image:C:\mount /Get-CurrentEdition


8.Now we will unmount the image and commit changes to WIM file using Dism /Unmount-Image /MountDir:C:\mount /commit


List of commands that we executed above :

Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:C:\Install.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\mount
Dism /Image:C:\mount /Get-CurrentEdition
Dism /Image:C:\mount /Get-TargetEditions
Dism /Image:C:\mount /Set-Edition:Enterprise
Dism /Unmount-Image /MountDir:C:\mount /commit

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14 Responses to "How to convert Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise without reinstalling the OS"

  1. I have Error: 11

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10240]
    (c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:C:\Install.wim /index:1 /MountD

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.10240.16384

    Error: 11

    An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

    The DISM log file can be found at C:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.log


  2., mount folder is on drive c:\. Same cmd as above.First cmd error 11, Last cmd get error 50.
    Can only use this cmd ''Dism /apply-image /imagefile:c:\install.wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:C:\mount.'' First and last cmd not working.


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