Script to Download all MMS 2013 SCCM Configmgr 2012 Sessions

Do you remember the Powershell script posted by SCOMFAQ  to download required MMS 2012 Sessions last year

Once again he come up with easy way to download all the required MMS 2013 sessions using Powershell script.

This basically contains 2 power shell scripts :

  • Create-MMS2013SessionFile.ps1 –> This file creates the sessions.txt file OR You can create sessions.txe and add all the Sessions codes for Ex:DC-B309.wmv and save the file.
  • MMS2013_Downloader.ps1 –> This file downloads the sessions which you have given in sessions.txt file.

Download the scripts from Sky drive,save it in one folder.I have listed out all SCCM Configmgr 2012 Sessions codes here,save it in same folder where you placed the scripts.

If you get any error like “script cannot be loaded”while running MMS2013_downloader.ps1 script to download the sessions,you may have to try setting execution policy to unrestricted.

image Command line : Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Try running the script now.During this process,it may prompt you security warning,Press Y.


Next it ask for path to download the sessions with folder creation inside it called MMS2013Sessions.

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    1. I look out only for Configmgr 2012 Videos which are available for download not for others.You may have to check on channel 9 if the videos what you are looking are available or not.
      If not available ,you can wait for day or two.


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