How to deploy Microsoft Store apps (offline) using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr & Intune) allows us to configure and deploy the Microsoft Store apps. For more information, please read through ConfigMgr  and Intune .

In my recent engagement with customer, there is need to deploy Microsoft store app (offline) using Configuration Manager as there is no integration with store for business.

  • Online: This license type requires users and devices to connect to the store to get an app and its license. Devices running Windows 10 or later should be Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)-joined or hybrid Azure AD-joined. They can also be Azure AD-registered.
  • Offline: This type lets you cache apps and licenses to deploy directly within your on-premises network. Devices don't need to connect to the store or have a connection to the internet.

In this blog post, we will see how to deploy the Microsoft Store apps such as Microsoft To-do or any other store app without integrating the store for business with ConfigMgr or device is managed by Intune.

This scenario will be useful if your ConfigMgr not is integrated with store for business or devices is not being managed by Intune (standalone or co-managed).

Please note that, Microsoft Store for Business will be retiring in the first quarter of 2023.

we can install the store apps using Powershell command: Add-AppxProvisionedPackage but how do we get the store apps for offline deployment?

You will need to have access to the windows store for business to download the apps for offline install.

In this blog post, we will see how deploy Microsoft To-Do using ConfigMgr (no store for business integration).

Login to Store for business with purchaser or admin role.

Click on search the store for specific App. In my case, I will search for Microsoft To do


Select the app


In the drop down, select offline. For some apps, the offline option is not available so you can only do online deployment for such apps.


Click on get the app


Thank you


Now click on Manage


You will be directed to the download page, change the architecture and download the files.


we are at the final page to download the package for offline use and then we will use powershell script to deploy using ConfigMgr apps deployment.

Download the package, license (uncoded in xml file) and the required frameworks.

The download contains 4 appx, 1 xml (license) and 1 appxbundle file


we will now use Powershell command Add-AppxProvisionedPackage to install the package framework followed by the main application.

The powershell script is available in Github. Replace the xml file along with appxbundle file that you downloaded from the store.

The following is the detection logic to verify the presence of the application.

if( (Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Where-Object Name -like 'Microsoft.Todos' | Select-Object Name).Name)
Write-Host "installed"

You can now create an application in Configuration with detection logic and deploy to computers or users. You can also add this method by creating win32 app for Intune.

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