What is new in Configuration Manager 2111 Reporting

Microsoft has released the version 2111 for Configuration Manager (Current Branch) which is now available as in-console update and is currently via opt-in script.

You can apply this update on sites that run version 2006 or later. If you are running older versions of the configuration manager, you will need to update the site to the supported version which you can see it in the console then update to 2111.

For a list of new features and improvements in configuration Manager 2111, please read https://docs.microsoft.com/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/changes/whats-new-in-version-2111

Just like any other configuration manager build release , this build has some new features,enhancement, so we will have some addition to the reporting.

In this blog post, I will walk you through what is new in configuration manager reporting in the newly released build (2111) and  how it can help us to create some custom reports.

I have uploaded the SQL views documentation to my GitHub repository, you can find it https://github.com/eskonr/MEMPowered/tree/master/Reports/SQ%20Views

So what is new in configuration manager 2111 for reporting from its previous build (2107)?

The following are the newly added SQL views/tables/functions that exist in 2111.

v_ApplicationRequests –> Holds information about the application request from users.
v_UpdateDataForMachine –> Hold compliance status of updates for devices with status required/install/not required.
vClientCoManagementState—> It is now easier to report the clients with co-management workloads for devices.
vNotificationSubscriptionEvents—> Holds subscription event information
vNotificationSubscriptionEventStatus—> Subscription event status
vSMS_ApplicationGroupItems—> Application group items
vSMS_AssignedDeviceApplicationGroups—> application groups assigned to devices
vSMS_ConsoleExtensionMetadata—> Holds the information about the console extensions and its status
vSMS_OrchestrationGroupScript –> Orchestration scripts

For list of SQL views for all configuration manager versions, download from https://github.com/eskonr/MEMPowered/tree/master/Reports/SQ%20Views

Happy reporting!

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