Technical preview 2105 released for Configuration Manager

As part of the monthly release updates for Configuration Manager Technical Preview, this month has got Technical preview version 2105 for Configuration Manager is available with some cool features such as enhanced script editing, VM size for CMG, support Center themes (dark and white), client deployment pre-req, powershell release notes.

You can Install this version to update your existing lab and add new features to your technical preview site.

If you want to install/setup  technical preview site in lab, you can download the baseline version of 2103 from  and setup the SCCM site.

Technical preview 2105:

ConfigMgr site version: 5.00.9051.1000

ConfigMgr Client version:5.00.9051.1000

Technical preview 2105 features:

Enhanced code editor: This feature allows you to edit the scripts in an enhanced editor and is integrated with SCCM console.You can use script editor feature for viewing or edit the script the scripts the following locations.

  • Configuration item
    • Scripts
    • SQL and WQL queries
    • Detection methods
  • Application detection scripts
  • Query statement properties
  • Create script wizard
  • Script properties
  • Orchestration group
    • pre-installation scripts
    • post-installation scripts
  • Task sequence
    • PowerShell scripts
    • Query WMI option

The new code editor supports the following features:

  • Editor mode with syntax highlighting and plain text toggle
  • Toggle word wrap and line numbers
  • Code folding
  • Language selection
  • Find, Find and Replace, and Go To line number
  • Font type and size selection
  • Zoom using buttons or with Ctrl + mouse wheel.
  • The information bar at the bottom displays:
    • Number of lines and characters in the script
    • Cursor position
    • If the script is read-only
  • Persistent settings across instances for the code window, such as code folding, word wrap, and window size.

The following is for application deployment detection method using script:

The code editor has different langue modes.

VM size for CMG:

You can now select the VM size with configuration such as B2S (mostly for lab purpose),A2_V2 as standard vm and if you want higher specs, go for D2_V3.

when you setup a CMG with virtual machine scale set, the default VM size that CMG deploys is Standard (A2_V2) size but you can change the specification during the setup.

Support Center tools in dark and light themes:

The support Center tool that is available in this version comes with 2 themes apart from system default theme.

The installer (SupportCenterInstaller.msi) is available in the EasySetupPayload\4c55e125-ec45-459a-b1eb-06e2f9cb791e\SMSSETUP\TOOLS\SupportCenter

The following tools are part of Support Center:

  • Support Center Viewer
  • Support Center OneTrace
  • Support Center Log File Viewer

One Trace:

Log viewer:

New files added in the client deployment prerequisite:

Starting with this release, Configuration manager client now uses the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable version 14.28.29914.0. This will help to improve stability in Configuration Manager client operations.

For more information about the full set of technical preview 2105, please read through

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